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C.J. Spiller: "I can't go into the game pressing"


RB C.J. Spiller**

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Q: Do have any thought to the fact that Marshawn Lynch running the ball on the other side?

A: He is a hard runner. He is a physical runner. Hope he has the worst game ever, nah I mean he is a great guy though. I enjoyed my time while he was here. I really became close with him, really learned a lot from him, the way he prepared.  He's a physical runner.  He is one of the best ones in the league doing what he does.

Q: When you look at Seattle's defense overall from the games before there is some opportunities to break some runs isn't there?

A: Well you are just going to have to take what they give you. You can't go in there thinking that you can break them every time because those guys are fast, physical and fly around so it is going to be a crowded box is what I expect. I just have to take what they give me and if a big one breaks I got to hopefully take advantage of it. I can't go into the game pressing that is going to be the biggest thing. I can't go into the game pressing for it.

Q: How do you feel about going up and playing a game up in Toronto?

A: Well I just was up there a couple a days ago and the fans are really excited and I'm probably guessing that is due to the hockey lockout season. But they really got 90% of the tickets sold, but they are excited, I am excited. To me football is football it doesn't matter where you play it you still have to go out there and get your job done. It is definitely different especially this time of the year when you have the bad weather, the coldness, but for this game I don't think the outside will affect Seattle just because they are an outdoor team as well.

Q: With all the talk about your coach has that been distracting to you guys this week or yourself personally?

A: No, not at all. He is our coach here. He is going to continue to be our coach. It shouldn't be a distraction to any of us.

Q: Are you looking forward to playing against Marshawn Lynch?

A: I'm just looking forward to going against their defense. He is not going to be out there trying to chase me and make the tackles. So, I am just looking forward to seeing how we stack up against another elite defense.

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to coach about what he meant when he said that you were winded?

A: Yeah we did, we talked. It is very confidential. I understood what he said and he understood what I said.

Q: You feel good about the conversation?

A: Yeah the conversation went great. It wasn't just about that it was about other things too as well. I think you should be able to go and talk to your boss.

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