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C.J. Spiller: "I know what I can do as a player "

RB C.J. Spiller

Monday, November 26, 2012

Q: The fact that your playoff hopes have been severely damaged has to make today a little harder.

A: It does because that is a game that we definitely wanted to win. We came up short. They just made a couple more plays than what we made. Everything that we missed is very correctable, so I expect us to do that this week and moving forward for the rest of the season.

Q: It seems like the biggest problem for the offense is you guys do not connect on the big plays when they are there and it seems like it kills your offense.

A: Yeah, it did yesterday. I am not going to say it killed the whole season because we did not make those big plays, but yesterday was just one of those days we just missed it. I missed a couple cuts and we missed a couple throws. Everybody. It is a group thing and it is something that is very correctable. We have to correct it and hopefully improve on it the rest of the season.

Q: Do you feel like you are still working to ditch the perception you are the speed back who cannot handle the load? Do you feel like you are always going up against that?

A: I will always be the speed back because I am fast. I do not expect that perception to go away. I really do not care. I know what I can do as a player and I take pride in my craft. I work hard to try to improve it each and every week so I cannot help it that I was blessed with tremendous speed.

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