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C.J. Spiller: "I'm not going to sit around and pout"



Q: Kind of a familiar situation: plays to be made that you guys just couldn't make when it was all said and done.

A: Yup. And that was the determining factor today. We just did not make those plays. They did a great job. I guess their objective was to come in to this game and really stop our run, because they were putting nine, 10 guys in there and had a lot of help. You have to give them credit. At first I thought they were the more physical team. I thought that second half, that opening drive when we kind of got the running game going a little bit, I thought we had to wear them down. And that is what I kept telling the O-line throughout the game was that during the second half we will get those plays that we made. But they just made one more than we did.

Q: C.J., another game where it is easy to question how many times you touched the ball. You only had eight touches. Just touch on that and if there is any frustration there.

A: I really cannot control how many times I touch the ball, guys. I keep saying it over and over. I do not know what else you want me to say. The only thing I can do is when my number is called, just try to do the best I can. Even when it is not, just do the best I can. Today I let a couple of my pass pro's kind of slip a little bit. So I just have to go back to the drawing boards to see what I did wrong, try to fix it and finish these last three games on a high note.

Q: You cannot control it, C.J., but are you frustrated at all with how you are being utilized or not?

A: Of course I want to touch the ball more. But there is no need for me to sit around, mope and groan and do all that because that is high school. That is childish. That is not what I am all about. Is the frustration there? Yeah. Deep down in your gut as a competitor, yeah it is there. But there is nothing I can do about it so I am not going to sit around and pout and be a little baby or a little girl or something.

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