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C.J. Spiller on Ralph Wilson Stadium: "It's going to be loud"

RB C.J. Spiller

Q: How'd you feel about that Clemson victory?
A: We're over that. South Carolina State now. You can't dwell on that, you know?

Q: Thoughts on EJ (Manuel), when Coach announced that today what did you think of that?A: He did everything he possibly could to be able come back and put himself in the position of being the starter. We're looking forward to it. We knew that either one of those guys could've went out there and tried to get the job done. Coach says EJ, so he's a professional and he's ready to go. I'm definitely excited.

Q: Not to knock on Jeff Tuel or any of the other guys you've had here, but does EJ bring another dimension to his game with his athleticism, his ability to run and his strong arm?A: It does because they definitely have to account for his running ability. He's a very athletic guy, he can throw it. There's definitely a different dimension when he's back there. All those guys work hard, really. To be honest with you, they've worked their tails off to try to get themselves ready for this season. With us to be going in to the season with two rookie quarterbacks, it's going to take a lot of veteran leadership to make sure those guys are good. We're going to have some ups and downs. Just got make sure he has a calm demeanor and so far he has. I'm definitely excited about going out there and playing with him. Q: Do you think he has any sense of what the stadium will be like?
A: Nah, not yet. He doesn't have any idea. Hopefully he doesn't think its Doak Campbell; this is Ralph Wilson (Stadium). It's going to be loud and we expect that. We need our fans to be loud, but in order for them to do that, we have to do good on both sides of the ball. In all three phases of the game, we have to keep those guys into it. We saw a couple years ago when we won, how they helped us by being loud. It's going to be our job to make sure we keep those guys in the game.

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