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Camp Countdown 2020 | 3 reasons why Devin Singletary will excel in 2020


If you watched the Bills in 2019 you know just how important running back Devin Singletary was to the offense. If you didn't watch and are new to the bandwagon, it's time we tell you about Devin Singletary. He has great vision, can make you miss and his elite quickness makes him tough to beat. The running back turned a lot of heads in his rookie season, proving he can have a fruitful career in the NFL and is capable of being a lead back.

There's no debate that if Singletary stays healthy this year, he will take his game to the next level in 2020. Here's three reasons why the running back will excel this year.

1. Growth

There's no doubt Singletary will show he's grown from year one to year two in the product he puts on the field this season. The game will slow down for the running back, which will allow him to be even more elusive than he already showed in his first year. Growth is also as simple as entering year two with the same offensive coordinator and position coach — OC Brian Daboll and RB coach Kelly Skipper. Singletary will likely feel more comfortable in understanding what's expected of him, how they coach from a day-to-day basis and how he can grow under their coaching.

Singletary will also have more chemistry with his teammates. This will pay dividends once the ball is snapped in Week 1. The running back has one year under his belt with the offensive line who returns all five starters. Singletary also has a season of experience with quarterback Josh Allen. Chemistry may seem little in the grand scheme of things, and you may not be able to measure it on a stat column, but understanding the blocking scheme and the ins and outs of Allen will result in a higher level of play.

2. Knowledge

One thing Singletary also has going for himself is the difference in his IQ from year one to year two. The running back has more knowledge of the offense, so now he can focus less on learning the x's and o's and more on individual improvement. The running back also gained a ton of insight from being teammates with veteran Frank Gore, which he'll be able to build on what the vet taught him during his first year in the league.

Singletary proved he is a multi-dimensional running back and can improve in that during training camp. The running back understands what's expected of him. Being looked at as the number one running back, Singletary has the opportunity to do more in the run game and receiving game. Knowledge of not only his offense but also of opposing defenses, will help him take his game a step further.

After being drafted in the third round in 2019, Singletary improved and became a bigger part of the offense as his rookie season went on. Heading into 2020 as the presumed starter, Singletary could be ready to take a big leap forward in year number two. Scroll through to view some of his top moments as a rookie in 2019.

3. 'It' factor

Singletary has the 'It' factor when it comes to what you need from a running back in the NFL. He is elusive in the run game, has the ability to make a defense miss catching the ball out of the backfield and can break off any carry for 20+ yards. In his rookie season, Singletary's numbers ranked up there with some of the best. Singletary led rookie RBs averaging 5.1 yards per attempt. He racked up 775 rushing yards from 151 attempts, 29 receptions for 194 receiving yards and totaled four touchdowns.

The running back also excels in critical moments and games. In his first postseason game against the Texans, Singletary showed up by totaling 134 yards from scrimmage and averaged 12.7 yards per reception. Against tougher opponents, the RB didn't shy away from making his presence known. In Week 13 against the Cowboys, Singletary rushed for 63 yards, averaged 12.7 yards per reception and scored a touchdown. Against the Ravens in Week 14, the RB racked up 89 rushing yards averaging 5.2 yards per attempt. In his second season, the Bills hope Singletary will pose an even bigger threat to defenses than his rookie season.

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