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Camp Countdown 2020 | Will Stefon Diggs make the Pro Bowl?


He has back to back 1,000-yard receiving seasons. He's scored 23 touchdowns in the past three years. In every year of his five-year career he has had at least 10 receptions of 20 yards or more. And he has one of the most memorable playoff game-winning touchdown receptions in league annals. What Stefon Diggs doesn't have however, is a single Pro Bowl on his NFL resume.

Will the trade to Buffalo change those fortunes?

Here are a few reasons why now being a Bill enhances Diggs' chances for Pro Bowl recognition.

True number one

Though it's clear that the primary focus for Diggs is to help the Bills win games, being the true number one passing target in Buffalo's offense is certain to help the trade acquisition see more targets and log the kind of production that garners more attention on the part of players and coaches around the league.

In Minnesota that simply wasn't the case. Diggs and fellow receiver Adam Thielen were receiver 1 and 1A. The result was neither put up monster receiving numbers because Vikings QB Kirk Cousins was apt to spread the ball around, not only to Thielen and Diggs, but TE Kyle Rudolph and RB Dalvin Cook.

The 2019 season in Minnesota provided a glimpse at what Diggs number one receiving role in Buffalo could resemble. With Thielen injured and missing six games last season it gave Diggs more of a true top receiving role for close to half the season. The results were a career-high 1,130 receiving yards on 63 receptions and six touchdowns. Almost a third of those receptions went for 20 yards or more (20).

Media reports have indicated that the Bills have traded with the Vikings for WR Stefon Diggs. Scroll through to view photos of his career to this point.

Balance around him

One might argue that being the number one target in Buffalo might mean extra attention from opposing defenses to stop him. While that may be true at the outset, the Bills passing targets are talented and deep. If too much attention is paid to Diggs, John Brown, who posted career highs in receptions and receiving yards last season as the number one, and Cole Beasley will make defenses pay.

"To have a weapon like that it makes me super happy," said Josh Allen of Diggs. "That should make our other guys super happy too just because attention is going to have to be elsewhere. It's going to open up some things in our offense. Now if teams want to try to double team Stefon it'll open up other things. The routing capabilities, the double moves that he has, the type of player that he is... he's very competitive and very passionate about the game football."

If second-year players, Dawson Knox and Devin Singletary can advance their games this fall, there will be too many weapons for most defenses to hold down. That ultimately serves Diggs and his potential production well knowing opponents will not be able to simply key on Buffalo's top passing target.

A QB determined to excel

A receiver's best hope for production is a quarterback who is just as committed to excelling as he is. Diggs will soon find he can't ask for much better than Josh Allen when it comes to commitment to craft.

Diggs is a big workout guy, who dedicates a ton of time to the precision of his route running. But Allen is just as committed.

Allen worked to improve his deep ball accuracy and throwing mechanics to raise his completion percentage and big-play ability.

"I'm slowing some things down trying to let my hip go first, trying to correct some things at the top of my release and trying to stay kind of on the same axis, same plane here and it's been paying dividends and we're going to continue to work on it," Allen said.

After throwing with Diggs and the rest of the skill position players on offense in south Florida earlier this summer, Allen said it's the best he's ever thrown.

All of that benefits Diggs from a production standpoint.

"We're going to continue to work hard. I think that all the guys in this offense and I can go down the line from vet to rookie. These guys want to work, and we've continued to do that, wanting to learn. When we went down to Miami, we were calling plays and we were running plays, and we were running some of our stuff that we're going to do in the season."

Buffalo's quarterback admits it will take a bit of time when they get to training camp to master Diggs' body language and tendencies on routes but believes it will be accomplished in a relatively short period of time.

Pro Bowl likelihood

Again, reaching the Pro Bowl isn't at the top of Diggs' list, but it has to be a personal goal knowing he hasn't been there before. His first season in Buffalo, with the talent around him and the collective commitment of his teammates to succeed, should help the gifted wideout get some long overdue recognition by his league counterparts.

"He's one of the best route runners in the league," Allen said. "He makes these unbelievable contested catches, the run after catch ability that he has when he's got the ball in his hands, it's pretty remarkable. You can see it in the way he plays. I'm excited to play with a guy like him of his caliber and he's only going to make this football team better."

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