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CB Leodis McKelvin - 8/17


PM Practice – August 17, 2008


On his impact on special teams in the preseason

Special teams is very important to me so I go out there and give it my best.


On looking more comfortable at the cornerback position

I'm just trying to come in and compete. I'm trying to win a starting job and trying to go out there and help the defense out the best way I can, even if it is on defense or on special teams. I'm just trying to give it my all.


On if he made a break on his interception in tonight's practice

Yea, I made a good break on it. I knew looking back at the quarterback when the ball was coming and I got my first interception of camp. It felt great.


On what the coaches say about taking peeks

You don't want to peek too much because they're going to slow you down on your break. You want to look at the receiver on your break and then look at the quarterback in that last second. And that's what I did and I got a pick. Good things happen when you do the right things.


On having a nice couple of last days

I'm just getting myself ready for the season. My progress is getting better and better every week. By the time the season comes it's going to be a three-phase game for the Buffalo Bills.


On how much he still needs to get comfortable at the cornerback position

Every day I need to get better no matter if I become the great one. Every day I always have to get better. Every day I will come out here and work on my footwork and my technique and hopefully come out and be the best.


On if he had the confidence a week ago to make a play like he did tonight

Yes. It's just the point of me getting back into it. I try to make plays but I know I have to wait for them to come to me. I'm just trying to be patient and the plays will come.


On people saying he doesn't have good hands

They say I don't have good hands but every chance I get I'm going to pick it off.





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