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CB Williams hoping to practice next week


He's missed the last three games with a severe shoulder/chest injury, and he's going to miss Sunday's game against Washington as well, but Aaron Williams is on the mend and close to returning to the practice setting.

The rookie cornerback was going through a rigorous workout Wednesday on the side with the athletic training staff as he tries to get his strength and conditioning back to where it was prior to the injury.

"Right now I'm just to the point where I'm starting to get my movement back and get a little conditioning in," Williams told "Right now we're probably looking at another two weeks, but hopefully I'll be (practicing) next week."

Williams suffered his shoulder/chest injury in Week 3 against New England when he collided with a teammate in an attempt to break up a pass and landed awkwardly on his left shoulder with his full body weight. Even though Williams has been ruled out for each of the last three games and this week's game as well, he's tried to stay mentally in tune with all the game plans and tweaks the defensive coaches have made as the season has worn on.

"When you're hurt you're not even thinking about the game," he said. "You're thinking about how you can get back on the field as soon as possible. But you have to think about remembering everything that went down since training camp when you get back on the field. So you have to remember the things that got you to the point where you're at now and you've got to keep doing it. That means still getting in the playbook and still watching film and even though you're not playing the opponent you've got to know what's going on."

Williams admits he still thinks about his shoulder from time to time, mainly because he doesn't know yet how it will hold up to the rigors of the game.

"It all depends on how I can take a hit on my shoulder and how much contact I can deal with," he said. "Right now I'm just working as much as possible to get my momentum back, my movement and my strength back."

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