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Monday, October 15, 2012

On bringing back DE Shawne Merriman:

You can never have too many guys that we believe can rush the passer. With Mark (Anderson) being out and not only Mark being out, but Spencer (Johnson) who is kind of our swing guy being out—we would rather not go into a game with just three defensive ends. We do not know how long Spencer is going to be, so we are going to sign Shawne back and hopefully he will give us some pass rush off of the edge.

On if DE Mark Anderson's injury is potentially season ending:

No. It is not.

On if Merriman worked out today:

I think he did, yeah. I think so. To be honest with you, I do not know.

On what DE Kyle Moore showed against the Cardinals:

Kyle gave us some good pass rush. He still has some work to do against the run game, but he gave us some good edge pass rush and created some problems for their tackles. That was a promising thing to have. It means now that we have another guy that we can somewhat depend on as a pass rusher. Even before the game we had talked about this, but is just good insurance for us.

On the likelihood of OT Cordy Glenn or OG Kraig Urbik playing this week:

Spencer (Johnson) and (Kraig) Urbik have got the best chances to make it. Cordy (Glenn) is probably the furthest behind at this point.

On if there were any other injuries sustained:

Nothing major. Some little things that may keep a guy out of practice here or there, but I do not think there was anything major that will require weeks.

On the condition of S Da'Norris Searcy:

I think he will be fine, he has an ankle, but I think he will be alright.

On how CB Stephon Gilmore played against WR Larry Fitzgerald:

I thought he was physical and that is his game. He is a physical player. He was strong. He did a good job of taking away some of the things that Larry (Fitzgerald) wanted to do. I thought there were some positives there. Very seldom do you shut a guy like that out, even though I think he only had one catch against New England. Very seldom do you do that.

On if CB Ron Brooks will practice this week:

We think we will get him back to practice Wednesday, so that will be a positive.

On the wildcat throw in the fourth quarter:

We thought we had a chance to hit the homerun and kind of ice the thing right there. We thought they would be playing run all the way. We had seen the middle of the field open. We did not get it down the middle of the field—which is where it was planned to go. We did not get it there. In hindsight, bad call.

On if he is satisfied with having to run the ball late in the fourth quarter when the Bills had a chance to win in regulation:

After the sack, yeah. I would do the same thing. If we could have got a competition and got something going, we would have tried to go down and score but then and there, to me, you try to make them use their timeouts instead of stopping the clock for them if we threw an incomplete pass. (That would) let them keep their timeouts. We were going to try to run it, make them use their timeouts, gain some yardage back from the long sack, punt it down there and see if we could play defense one more time.

On if he is worried about K Rian Lindell kicking from 52-yards:

No. It was what if we do not make it. Plus they (would have gotten) it back anyway because that was our first possession. I thought it was smarter with (them playing) a backup quarterback to punt it. Maybe we get them down inside the 10--which I thought we had a chance to do. See if (QB John Skelton) could take them all the way down the field. I felt good about the way our defense was playing.

On the special teams unit containing PR/CB Patrick Peterson:

That was big. I thought Shawne (Powell) did a good job. The last punt was not really a good punt, but most of them were pretty good. He let one of them get out there too far where Peterson could handle it and he brought it back about 20, 25 yards. Overall, our guys did a good job of covering. I thought Leodis (McKelvin) did a great job on that one down the sideline on our sideline. We just kept trying to kick it away from the guy. He is one of the great ones.

On if Peterson will ever fair catch a punt:

No. He does not like to fair catch it. He does not like to.

On if any other roster moves can be expected:

We will be at 53 here shortly. Yes.

On why CB Aaron Williams was held out on certain plays:

We just are trying to rotate him and Terrence (McGee). Get Terrence some playing time.

On if Williams played any less than normal:

I think so. I think we got Terrence more plays this week. It is not less for Aaron, it is more for Terrence.

On if that will be the same case going forward:

I do not know. We will see. I do not know. (McGee) is still struggling to be 100-percent. I think we just kind of (have to) wait and see. That is probably going to be a week-by-week decision, to be honest with you.

On how LB Nigel Bradham played in his first career start:

He did pretty well. He flew around. He made some mistakes. A couple of the runs got out of there where he kind of filled the wrong gap. Had not played enough. He really hustled and made some big hits, made a bunch of tackles, was in on a bunch of tackles. I think he did really well for his first shot at that.

On what Bradham can do that LB Arthur Moats cannot:

Nigel is a faster guy. Just take off and run from here to there, he is a faster guy. He has played more (at) linebacker so he understands some things that Arthur has had to learn through time. He kind of has a natural thought process that takes him to the ball a lot of times. Again, I go back to that, it was not like Arthur was playing bad. It is just we see a great upside with the size and speed of Nigel. We are going to allow him to play.

On the main reason Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb was able to scramble so effectively:

We lost our lanes. We got pushed around some edges sometimes. That was the biggest thing. The other thing about that is we had told our defenders to stay back when he started to scramble because he had been a scramble to throw guy. Not a scramble to run guy. He made a lot of big plays throwing it down field when they came off of coverage. That was another reason for the bigger runs. Everybody was playing back and waiting for him to throw the football.

On if he has talked to K John Potter about his performance:

No, I have not talked to him about it.

On if he was perplexed Potter did not have more touchbacks yesterday:

Yeah, I want him to have those touchbacks. That is why we hired him, is to kick the ball deep. He is kicking high. We got one of them down there around the 16 or 17 yard line, but they brought the other one out. We need more consistency from him.

On how close RB Fred Jackson is to full health:

I do not know. You would probably get a better answer from him than you would from me on that. He looks pretty good and he played yesterday without the knee brace. He looks better and better each week to me.

On if RB C.J. Spiller is making a push to get more work:

They both bring something very unique. They are both very good players. I like to say, and I am going to keep saying this, we have two starters there. Who starts may be more of a package than it is who runs out there the first play. I am not going to get caught up in who is the starter and who is the backup. You all get caught up in that. I do not get caught up in that. We have two good players and we have to play them both to give us the best chance to win.

On if this was the best game the front seven has had this season:

I think so. I think that was the best game that our defensive front has played all year. I really believe if we can keep working then we can create those kinds of problems for people week in and week out.

On the guys being pretty optimistic:

Yeah. I think everybody understands exactly where we are at this point and we have to take care of our business. That is the key to this whole thing. It does not really matter where anyone else is. You go take care of your own business and then you look up in about week 12 and decide where do we stand right now? We have to take care of ourselves. It is still early in the season.

On how to build off of the win:

I think the mindset that our players went into this game with was a mindset of focus, determination, getting a little bit of respect back that our football team had lost and I talked to them about keeping that mindset every week. Do not make us go have a loss to get that mindset. You have to carry that mindset into each and every week.

On if DT Spencer Johnson or OG Kraig Urbik could practice Wednesday: Maybe.

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