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Chan Gailey: "Bottom line we couldn't make plays"



Opening statement:

A: Bottom line we could not make plays. After the two scores in the second half, could not make plays to win the ball game. It is a bitter pill to swallow.

Q: Can you take us through the decision where you have fourth down at the 34, you sent out the field goal team but brought them back. Why that and also did you consider going for it?

A: Yeah, we were not going to go for it there. The defense was playing good. We were going to try to pin them back. That was the reason. When they first told me when I first turned, they told me it was a 50-yard field goal instead of a 52, 53-yard field goal. We had just dropped the snap on the extra point, so that is why I pulled them back out of there and said 'Hey let's let the defense try to keep them pinned back.'

Q: Why did you not take the delay of game then instead of wasting the time out?

A: Well I was trying to get that to them to take the delay of game and Scott Chandler saw me tell them to take the delay of game, but I did not know he got that word. So I was scared they were going to snap it. That is why I called the timeout.

Q: Is being the head coach and the coordinator catching up to you because these are not time management decisions that the head coach is supposed to make?

A: I have done this my whole career. This if the way I have always done it. I do not see that as being something that changes now.

Q: On the winning drive by them, it looked like S George Wilson had a clear shot to catch one but batted it down. Was he thinking it was fourth down? Any idea what happened on that?

A: No. I do not have any idea. I did not ask him. I did not talk to him.

Q: RB C.J. Spiller gets a 15 yard carry on the first drive and then he is not on the field for five more plays. This is every week it seems…

A: Well he gets…he had two good runs in that first drive, he gets winded and he comes out. We just put Fred in there. It worked out that the next couple of carries we got behind the sticks on runs that we called he was in there. That is just the way it works out. We are trying to get those guys the football.

Q: At the end of the day, he had eight touches. Can you explain that? He is leading the league in yards per carry.

A: It was not happening there after that first drive of the second half. We were trying to run the football and when it was Fred's turn, it was Fred's turn to be in there. Trying to keep them both fresh.

Q: Can you tell us about RB Fred Jackson's injury?

A: I do not know. It did not look good, but I have not talked to the trainers yet.

Q: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick mentioned killer instinct. It is something you guys are really lacking. The Tennessee game it was obvious and now it happens again. Do you see the same thing—your team has to finish right now?

A: Yeah. We are not making the plays to win ball games. That is what winning teams do. Winning teams make plays in the fourth quarter to win ball games. We are not doing that right now. We have to do that or we will not. We will not get over the hump. That is what we are supposed to be doing. That is what I am supposed to be getting them to do.

Q: Are you especially disappointed for your young guys and defense who played so well today?

A: Yeah, they played hard. They did a lot of good things. We just could not run it to make a couple first downs or hit a pass and make a first down. The third to the last drive we ran it first down with C.J. (Spiller), got minus-one. Then we tried a naked, did not make it. The next time we got it, it was Fred (Jackson)'s go. Fred went out there had a couple of carries and the second one is the one he got hurt on.

Q: They clearly took advantage of your offensive line up front.

A: Yeah. (Ryan Fitzpatrick) took a lot of hits today. He was under pressure a lot today. That is why we opted to use as much play-action pass was for that reason.

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