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Chan Gailey: Confidence the key to improved play


HC Chan Gailey**

Monday, October 29, 2012

Q: Can we start with DE Mario Williams, he sounded encouraged.

A: Yeah, he did. I talked to him, too, and he sounded very encouraged. We will get him back at practice Wednesday and hopefully he does not miss a beat. Hopefully he is better. That is why we did it.

Q: So Wednesday is the target for practice then?

A: Yeah.

Q: Do you think he will be full-go?

A: It does not look like (there is) any residual, but things crop up. I think it will be fine come Wednesday. I hope.

Q: His confidence seems to be up, too. Just the fact the he has more mobility and motion in his wrist. How important might that be?

A: Anytime somebody is more confident, they play better. That is true with all of us. If we have more confidence, then we do better whatever our job is.

Q: How did OT Cordy Glenn do today?

A: Pretty good. I was very encouraged with what he did on the field. We will see how he is tomorrow. This is the first time he has really worked. We will see how he is tomorrow, but I was encouraged by what happened today.

Q: OG Kraig Urbik said he fully expects to play, is that your expectation as well?

A: That is my full expectation. He practiced well today, took a bunch of reps and we will increase that as the week goes on.

Q: DE Mark Anderson was not out there today, is he not going to make it this week?

A: It is going to be close. We will see if we can get him back on the field Thursday. If he cannot make it Thursday, then no. But if we can get him on the field Thursday, then maybe.

Q: How about OG Andy Levitre?

A: He did everything today. He was out there. He is good.

Q: What was he coming back from?

A: He was not coming back from anything. He just had a procedure, and I hate to use that word because you guys do not like that word, he had something done on his knee. They injected it or they did something to it, but he is fine.

Q: Right or left knee?

A: I do not know.

Q: Are you resting CB Terrence McGee?

A: Yeah. He is struggling to come back from that last game. He has struggled to get back completely from that last game so we are giving him as much rest as we can possibly give him and then see where he is.

Q: Sounds like there is a level of concern there with McGee?

A: There is. If it takes longer and longer for a guy to get back every time then it gets to be a problem for him and for us.

Q: You have to feel for him considering how hard he has worked to get back.

A: Yeah, I do. He has worked so hard to get back. He wants to. The thing about him is he cannot go half-speed. That is the thing about him. He cannot go through the motions and then play hard on Sunday. He pushes himself at practice. That is part of it. You have to be able to do that though.

Q: With that being part of it, is it good timing that CB Ron Brooks is coming back?

A: At least is gives us an insurance policy of some sort.

Q: Is there any final decision as to what to do with OG Chad Rinehart in terms of Injured Reserve? A: We will probably make that decision by the end of the week because that would be the spot that (Ron) Brooks might have to take if that is the way it goes. Everything is looking that way, but I do not know if we are ready to pull that trigger today.

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