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Chan Gailey: "It was a good overall team victory"



Opening statement:

I thought that was an overall team win. Everybody contributed from the blocked field goal to the defense scoring and to the offense controlling the ball in the fourth quarter and scoring touchdowns. It was a team win. There were some critical plays in the game that we made. We had not been making some of those critical plays in the game and we made them this game. It was a good overall team victory.

Q: What are the examples of those critical plays?

A: The run by Brad Smith on third down, the catch by Stevie (Johnson) on third down with maximum protection.  The touchdown run down there when we had them confused somewhat. Hit it right up the middle with Brad. Some things like that which were big plays in the game.

Q: Your team looked like it wanted to be out there and the other team did not.

A: You talk all week about professionalism, professional pride and professional duty. We talked about that and our guys went out there to uphold what professional means. I think that is the way they went out there to approach the game.

Q: Have you had any opportunity to talk to Mr. Wilson yet about your future?

A: Let's talk about today and let's talk about tomorrow or next week at a later date.

Q: Can you talk about the way you played and how WR Stevie Johnson said he felt they might be helping your situation?

A: I want them and I think I said this a couple of weeks ago, I want them to play for the fans and for themselves. We are all business. We understand that. The business today was to go win the game. That is what they did.

Q: How are you able to block everything out?

A: It is easy. You get excited about winning a ball game. That is what you try to do. That is what you work all week for, that is what you practice for and that is what you meet for—to win the game. You accomplish the goal to this point today. You do not think about all of the other stuff.

Q: Was your speech to the team afterwards any different?

A: No, it was just one of those talks where there was not a lot of jubilation. Everybody knew that we had won the ball game and they were happy, but it was not excited. I talked to them. Tomorrow is different. Other than that, it is about the same.

Q: How does DT Alex Carrington get his hands on so many balls?

A: (Carrington) has a great knack for that. He has an unbelievable knack for being able to turn his shoulders, turn his body, get through the creases, feel the softness of the protection and be able to get his hand up. He has a great timing for that too. It is amazing how many he gets his hands on. It really is.

Q: Was there any thought put towards getting Stevie to 1,000 yards?

A: No. I was not thinking about that. I think if we had gotten to the fourth quarter and he had needed five yards, we would have probably tried to do something to get that done. I cannot say I am totally oblivious to that stuff, but the first priority is to win the game.

Q: Can you just speak to the West Webster tragedy, the helmet decals and the moment of silence that was paid to the victims?

A: I do not know exactly what happened. I do not know the whole story. I get the gist of it and those kinds of things are happening it seems like way too often in society today. My heart goes out to the families and to all people associated with the organization. That is tough on everybody.

Q: RB C.J. Spiller had a tough time running today. Why was that?

A: Yeah. They are pretty good. They stacked it up in there, but we kept trying it to him because he popped one early and we got it called back. You just keep handing it to him thinking 'OK, one of these times he is going to get one that pops out of there.' It put us behind the sticks a couple of times, but we made some third downs. Got us out of trouble and kept drives going.

Q: You guys got hammered in the first half but shut down their rushing game in the second.

A: Yeah. I thought they came out and controlled the ball the first part. It took us a while to adjust and get back into it. The thing about it is we played good enough to keep them from scoring touchdowns. When you play good enough to do that, I thought one of the biggest series of the game was the start of the second half when we fumble and our defense holds them. They get nothing out of it. That kind of set the tone for the second half in my opinion.

Q: Do you find yourself wondering where was this earlier in the year?

A: No. You can 'what if' yourself to death. You can. Everybody in this room can 'what if' themselves to death. You do not do that. You get excited about what you do have. You do not complain about what you do not have.

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