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Chan Gailey: "We are playing a lot more physical now"



Opening statement:

A: There were a lot of good things that happened in that ball game in all three phases. You hold a team to one-for-ten on third down and do a good job on third down yourself. Get a kickoff return at the time you need it. Some good things happen all around. That is why we won the ball game. We had all three phases doing well. Not perfect, not great but doing well.

Q: Can you give us an update on the injuries?

A: I got my list here…Stevie (Johnson) had a hamstring. He got it right before the touchdown. (Chris) Hairston has an ankle. Kept him out. (Eric) Wood has a knee that got hit. We do not know the extent of it yet. Leodis (McKevlin) his back tightened up during the night. He got here and we tried to get it loosened up but he just could not go.

Q: CB Ron Brooks was down but he went back in?

A: Yeah. He got his elbow hit or something.

Q: Have you gotten an early reports on any of the injuries?

A: No. I did not.

Q: Even though it was weather related, running the ball like you did…do you look at the success you had and wonder why have we not done that more this year? * *

A: You would like to, but there were some teams that did not let us do that as much as we would like to. You cannot just say let's just go do that. You have to have success and you have to have a lead. There are a lot of things that go into that. It is not just saying, 'OK we will just run it 40 times with these two backs and it is automatically going to equal a win.' It does not happen that way so you still to strike a balance, but once we found out that was the way to attack these guys and that we could, we stuck with it. The conditions made it more so. We had the lead—which helps. All of those things help.

Q: How big was the effort of the special teams units today?

A:  It was really big. If Justin (Rogers) just does not field that punt, I think he touched it at the five yard line. He just does not field it and lets it go, we might have had it at the one. So what? Overall special teams did a really nice job today. I thought the guy punted, for the conditions, extremely well today.

Q: Can a guy like WR Marcus Easley play his way onto the offense from special teams?

A: Sure he can. Matter of fact, there has been many of players who have done that during their career. I can think of several that have done it that way. He sure can and I think that he is going to have to play. If Stevie (Johnson) is down he is going to have to play.

Q: Can you assess how Brooks played today? They really went after him a lot.

A: Yeah. He really did a good job. You look at Ron Brooks. You look at Marcus Easley. You look at Sam Young having to go in there and play. That is three guys that you were not counting on to have to make a major impact two weeks ago and all of a sudden, they had a big impact on this win today. Brooks kept fighting, I will give him that. He got in some challenging situations and came through pretty good overall I think.

Q: How much does the weather impact who is going to be your lead back? Does it change it?

A: Yeah, it does a little bit because you would like for C.J. (Spiller) to be on a fast track. He proved with that one run that sometimes it does not matter. When you are in a physical, downhill game that is more Fred (Jackson)'s game. It is.

Q: Did the weather shift it from 60-40  to RB C.J. Spiller?

A: Yeah. The weather changed that just a little bit. It did change that just a little bit.

Q: Happy to see RB Fred Jackson running that way after the season he has had?

A: Yeah. I told somebody, I forgot who I told, I was so happy for him because there is nobody that continues to work harder to help this football team win than Fred does. I was really excited for him.

Q: Have you sensed any frustration or internal motivation from Fred?

A: Let me tell you—both of those guys and every player in this league has pride. They want to play. They want to be big contributors. Fred is no different, but how you handle it is a key. You handle it with class. He handles it and they are each other's biggest supporter. We are blessed to be able to have that situation with two class great running backs like we have.

Q: Another great day by the run defense. What has been the difference over the last four or five in a row?

A: We have got some guys running downhill and everybody has been in the right spot. We have got guys playing the cutback. We have got guys filling the front side hole. Everybody is being a lot more consistent about filling the correct gap. If I had to say there is one thing, that is the one thing. We are playing a lot more physical now than we were a month and a half ago.

Q: How close was WR Donald Jones today?

A: Close. It was as much precautionary as it was him being in bad shape. I think that may be a week to week thing. We just have to make sure that he is able to go push off and do everything that he needs to do.

Q: Was the deep ball to WR T.J. Graham a play you wanted to run because Jones was out? A: Well we saw it on film that we thought that he would be able to beat that guy and they had some corners which they were playing with some backup guys too. That was an audible. (Ryan Fitzpatrick) audibled to that when he saw the coverage. We had an off-tackle play or that throw and Fitz saw the coverage. Saw the free safety cheated over to Stevie (Johnson) and made a great throw into the wind. Did a good job.

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