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Chief Operating Officer Russ Brandon - 8/14

Buffalo Bills
Chief Operating Officer Russ Brandon  
On the game atmosphere:
The atmosphere in there was electric, people were into it and there was a lot of excitement. It was loud and our guys really responded. On the partnership with Toronto:
We're very pleased. It's always great to get a win, number one, and everybody within our organization along with our partner up here, Rogers, were tremendous. We were overwhelmed with the support when we came up here throughout the week, and it was a great way to kick off our partnership. On the Lee Evans contract:
Were working on it, from day one we have said that we want Lee Evans to be a Buffalo Bill for the rest of his career and we are working hard at it. Lee is committed to trying to get something done as we, and hopefully we're working on something here in the near future.

On the Toronto fans:
The fans had a great time, they were in it the entire game and it went down to the last play. They definitely got their money's worth for a pre-season game.  

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