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Chris Kelsay

On the possibility that he has played his last game in Buffalo


I don't think it has really set in yet. I'm hoping to be back here, obviously, I've spent the last four years here. I'd like to play my entire career here, if possible, but I'm definitely going to see what's out there. I'd be stupid not to. All in all, this is a place that I've grown to love, not just my teammates, but the coaching staff and administration, the town and everything that goes into it, my neighbors and the atmosphere here. I grew up in the Nebraska where the only thing football-wise in the state is the Huskies. It's kind of a college atmosphere and I love playing here. Hopefully it works out to where I can stay. Free agency doesn't start until March and I'm loyal to Buffalo and like I said, I hope everything works out to where I can stay.


On whether his agent told him to wait until March to look around

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That's why you hire an agent, to give me the best deal for my family and my future. Free agency doesn't start until March 1st, so I'm tied to Buffalo until then and I'll approach it as a Buffalo Bill until I hear otherwise. I'm staying out of that, he's taking care of the business side of it, but I look forward to spending my offseason, up until that point, here. I'll be working out and going about my business with that mindset that this is where I work and this is where I'll be.

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