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Chris Kelsay: "Looking forward to getting back"


DE Chris Kelsay**

Monday, November 19, 2012

Q: The weekend off had to of been a step forward for your health, right?

A: Yeah, I am feeling a lot better. The weekend and this past week I have seen significant progress. Looking forward to getting back out there.

Q: What did you have in particular? Can you say?

A: Torn ligament in my neck, just kind of a freak deal that happened at practice. There is no real rhyme or reason, just turned funny and strained it. It is what it is and I have rested it. Feel a lot better than what I had been feeling. Like I said, look forward to getting back out there and helping my teammates get on this run.

Q: Was it a non-contact injury? It was early in practice.

A: Yeah. I did it on the sled. Just pushing the sled and felt a pop and that is what it ended up being.

Q: What is your week going to be like? Will you go out there today or wait till Wednesday?

A: I am going to go out there today and do some individual. Start moving around and then Wednesday, depending on how it is feeling today which I am expecting it to feel great, I will be practicing.

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