Chris Kelsay - Post Game

Bills Defensive End Chris Kelsay


On the Titans offense breaking through tonight


It was disappointing.  I haven't seen the film yet.  I know that there were a ton of missed tackles.  Some missed opportunities there.  It's disappointing anytime you get run on like that, especially in the third quarter when we came out with the first defense against their second offense.  We've got a lot of improvement to make obviously.  It's frustrating.  It is preseason, but say what you want, it is the guys that you are going to line up with in the regular season and we have to play better. 


On what needs top be addressed before the end of the preseason


Once we get the 53 man roster established it is just a matter of staying together and staying focused on the task at hand which is getting to the playoffs and winning football games consistently.  You do that by playing gaps down on the defensive front, making tackles and just being responsible and accountable to your teammates.  Playing with energy and having fun is what this system is about.  Tonight I don't think we were running as hard as we should have been or could have been, including myself.  When the regular season gets off and you are playing with live bullets so to speak you can't have movement from the offensive production as they did tonight.  We'll get it corrected.  Like coach said, we have a long way to go and a short time to get there, but we'll do what it takes to get it done. 


On trying to tackle Vince Young


I didn't have too many opportunities to get to him.  Obviously he is slippery.  A lot of guys had him wrapped up there in situations and just couldn't bring him to the ground.  It happened to me last year. 



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