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Coach Dick Jauron - 8/12

Coach Dick Jauron
PM Practice – August 12, 2008
On knowing the players that will not play Thursday:
Yes, there is but I don't have a list in front of me so I am not going to start reciting them.
On Josh Reed being one of the players:
You can start reciting them if you want but we will get the list to you somehow. It is bigger than it was last game unfortunately.
On the right tackle situation:
Right now we obviously only have three on the roster, Brad (Butler) has played out there some before, we just want to make sure that if he has to do that he has at least had a couple snaps there. We will do a little more with him there tomorrow and see what happens.
On Matt Murphy's condition:
Matt (Murphy) is getting some more evaluation today so we will know a lot more about that and I don't want to speculate. I talked to Matt earlier today, he certainly felt a lot better today than he did last night. As you could all see he was in a lot of pain, which concerned everybody involved in it, but he felt significantly better today about the whole thing so we will see.
On Patrick Estes:
That's another one, we will try and remain optimistic there and see, but I don't know. He is very sore today.
On chance of signing a tackle this week:
There is always a chance, whoever you sign the odds of them playing are not good. Certainly the odds of them having any idea of what we do are not good at all. It would not preclude us from putting him in the game if we had to do it and really limit what you do and your expectations would not be very high. It would not be the best situations for that player or us.
On the Jason Peters Situation:
You would have to ask Russ (Brandon) about that one, I am involved with the players that are here, the players that are at camp and working with them.
On special teams unit and confidence in the new guys:
Our guys play hard, the guys that we had played very hard so I have confidence in them. I wouldn't base a whole lot on the first exhibition game, we are going to have to wait and see. I know that they have worked awfully hard at it and we have spent a lot of time on it, Bobby (April) is very good at it. Our guys are dedicated, but it was an exhibition game and we will have to see in the regular season how it plays out.
On using three tackles in Thursday's game:
I would say, thinking about our line you wouldn't ask Nevin (McCaskill) to go out there unless it was an absolute emergency. He is a very young player and he has worked awfully hard to learn the guard position and he is doing ok. That would be a stretch but you get into an emergency and you do whatever you have to do to get out of the game.
On excitement level of going to Toronto:
I think that our guys, given that it is the middle of training camp and they are awfully sore and tired, they are excited about it. We are excited about it to, it is a preseason game and we are getting ready for a regular season game up there to. So to get a feel for how the trip goes, crossing the border, our hotel situation, the meeting rooms and the whole thing. The stadium itself, the locker room, it will be nice to have had been there once before playing that regular season game. We are looking forward to it.
On expecting Donte to play:
Right now I do, it could change. We haven't finalized any playing time ideas yet so we will see how his leg tolerated this practice but I would think so.

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