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Coach Dick Jauron - Post Game

Bills Head Coach Dick Jauron

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On Terrance McGee's injury…

You did see Terrance McGee leave the field. He ended up with a concussion. We'll just see where that takes us. The odds of him playing in the final exhibition game- probably not good at all. Clearly, we wouldn't put him at any risk, and since it's such a short week, we wouldn't anticipate that he would be in that game. Otherwise, we got some bumps and bruises. The guys are pretty sore, but we came out of it well.


On the game…

Disappointing. We're a little bit sluggish- could be for a number of reasons, but none of them really have any meaning. We need to pick it up. We just need to improve. As we all know, every play in a game is critical, but attitude and momentum shifts on certain plays. Roscoe's [Parrish] was probably one of those. We just have to quit making those kinds of errors and trust our teammates. We certainly spend a lot of time talking about it. If you're not in a position to throw a legal block, clearly Roscoe can make people miss on his own. The deal is just to turn back up field and get another guy. Generally, we've been pretty good at that, but in the last two weeks we have not been- offense, defense, special teams- not just special teams. There's some good things in the game. I think they were clear. I think there were a lot of things we need to fix.


On the running game…

Got to run better, clearly got to run better.  We clearly didn't run it as well as we'd like. We've got to watch the tape. You've got to watch the tape and see what they're doing. We certainly talk about it between plays, but in terms of a 60 or 70-play game, we certainly want to go over it and see what were generally the problems. A lot of times, there's just a single break down.


On the defense…

Same kind of thing. We need to start faster. Although, I will say this, you want to start fast. You want to play good in the middle. You want to play good throughout the game, but we have to play better overall. Sluggish in our tackling, we certainly need to improve that. Clearly the quarterback, when he goes back to throw, hard to tackle. We look bad tackling. We're not alone. College teams all look bad doing it. NFL teams look bad doing it…We tackle. We work on form everyday in our individual drills. This is our third exhibition game.


On JP's wrapped leg…

I wasn't told that it was a knee. I was told it was a quad. And it's probably sore. They stiffen up as time goes by. Bud [Carpenter] did not think it was anything long-term, anything to be overly concerned about.


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On the sluggishness of the game…

We're definitely concerned. We're definitely concerned. You always want to play better. When you lose a game, you always want to play better. There are clearly things we need to improve on, so we'll go to work and improve on them.



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