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Coach Dick Jauron - Practice


After Practice – AUGUST 16, 2007


On practice today

In terms of our injuries we'll still wait and see on Melvin. We don't know what will happen there. It feels a lot better, but its sore. John McCargo has done a little work. Melvin hasn't done any work on it yet so we'll just see how that is as we get closer to game time. Again, particularly at this time of year but really anytime we will make sure he is ok before we put him or any of those guys on the field. Angelo had a little swelling but he was out there and did some things today. We'll see how that goes too in terms of the game.


On whether Aaron Merz and Brad Butler will play in tomorrow's game

We don't anticipate either one of them. Certainly not Brad and I don't think Aaron will play in the game.


On whether John McCargo will play in tomorrow's game

Right now I'm not certain but he has practiced and we anticipate that he will. He wants to. He is working at it.


On whether Melvin Fowler missing two practices will affect whether he plays tomorrow

I think that's probably a good way to put it. We won't take any chances with it that's for certain. Our first groups will probably play at least a quarter, play through the first quarter and then maybe deeper if circumstances warrant but probably not. We'll try and stay on schedule. We have a lot of people we want to see and want to see again before we have to make decisions.


On whether Trent Edwards or Craig Nall will go in after JP

Trent will probably still get more because he is so new to the league and the game but we'll see a little more of Craig too. It just depends on how the game goes and how many snaps we get. If we can keep the ball and sustain some drives, we'd like to get a lot of snaps. I wouldn't put numbers on it.


On whether Marshawn Lynch will go with the first group tomorrow

We'd like to see more of Marshawn so to ensure that we're thinking of putting him out there with the first team and see how he works.


On whether playing at home in front of the fans affects putting in the first round draft pick Marshawn Lynch

I love our fans but that's not why we did it.


On whether Trent Edwards has an opportunity to be the number two after JP

There are no definites. We've said it many times. In certain situations it's a little more meaningful because quite frankly it's hard to picture someone coming in and beating Aaron Schobel out but it could happen. If the guy is good enough it could happen. We'd like to say everything is competitive until we get in and start playing. Even then if guys don't do the job then…everything is competitive.


On what JP Losman has done to assert more leadership on the team this year

I believe the main thing is his confidence. I don't want to say he's certain of himself. He doesn't feel in anyway that he has arrived. He doesn't think it's a finished product and hopefully he never will. I believe that is part of the reason why he is a better leader. The guys sense that too. He is a hard worker and the guys have a lot of respect for that.


On what he still wants to see from JP Losman

We have to see consistent performance. In order for anyone to win in this league you have to have that position play at a pretty high level all the time and that is what we're trying to get. That is what he is trying to get too.


On Langston Walker

I suppose I could be happier with Langston but I don't know how. I guess that's a backwards way of saying I'm really happy with Langston Walker. I don't want to have expectations so huge for him. He's really had a good camp. He really had a good game in New Orleans, quietly. I just think he's a real good player and I believe he's going to get better.


On the chemistry on the right side of the line

It's not ideal. It's not the exact way you'd like it but all of the guys who are working in there they are all smart. They are all real good guys. They'll work together and they communicate well. It will work out. You just have to let that competition go until someone really takes it.


On whether he was impressed with the lack of penalties in the first preseason game

We were really happy with that in the first game. It's clearly a big factor in any game. Penalties, turnovers, those are huge in a football game so the more we can control that on a weekly basis the better off we will be. We're always looking at it. We're always working at it. More often than not, they go your way. You win all those battles, those hidden yards. They talk about return yardage and penalty yardage and certainly turnovers. We all know that.


On Trevor Hooper

Yeah. Trevor won't be doing a whole lot until we get the full ok.


On whether Trevor Hooper has a concussion

I'm not going to use that term. I haven't really talked to Bud in depth about it.


On who will go in if Angelo Crowell doesn't play in tomorrow's game

If Angelo doesn't go probably the next guy in is always Coy Wire. Coy is so valuable to us and I have a lot faith and confidence in him.

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