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Coming off long weekend, Bills ready to regroup


There won't be any easy answers for the Bills to uncover to right all of the wrongs in their first two games, but Buffalo's coaching staff and the players have three extra days to find the fixes necessary to get on the winning side of the ledger in Week 3. As they come back to work today the players are resolute in their desire to improve the consistency of their play.

"For sure, we have to regroup, we have to," said Tyrod Taylor. "We're in the beginning stages of a long season, all season, it's definitely not how you want to start the season off with 14 or more guaranteed wins, so we have to do whatever it takes to get back on the right track and get that first win and continue to grow from that."

Taylor, who will now be working more closely with newly appointed offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn, said after a troubling start he will have some extra words for the team this week, though he would not divulge what his message for the squad would be.

"I'll discuss that in the locker room," said Taylor.

Buffalo's defense, which gave up more than 400 total yards for the fourth time in their last seven games, understands they have to find some solutions quickly or the hole they're in could get even deeper.

"We just have to pick back up," said Jerry Hughes. "We aren't calling some things right. So we have to fight. We have to scratch to figure how we are going to get some wins. We have to figure out something. We have a long weekend so we will be able to put something together."

The players will pull what tough lessons they can from Thursday's defeat, but moving forward to prepare for a talented Arizona Cardinals team is something they intend to do quickly.

"We just regroup. I get over it quick. You just have to have a short memory," said Goodwin, who will start this week in the concussion protocol. "We've got a 24-hour rule, but I don't even need that long. I'm going on to the next team. And that's how we have to be if we want to be successful in this league, because there's a lot of great teams. A lot of people are going to play us hard, so we just have to put our best foot forward each week."

Last week's game was perhaps the most difficult for Buffalo's top two corners. Ronald Darby and Stephon Gilmore were victimized repeatedly, but they insist their struggles will only motivate them more to have answers at the ready for the Cardinals in Week 3.

"Yeah it was a tough game," said Darby. "We are just going to get it together and come back harder next week."

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