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Comparing one-hand catches: Sammy Watkins vs. Tyrod Taylor


One is an accomplished receiver while the other is a quarterback. But the two Bills teammates each have a catch that got an awful lot of attention for happening in a practice setting. The question now - which one was better between challenger and champion?


During an OTA session last week, QB Tyrod Taylor is asking for a return throw from Marquise Goodwin, who is out by the far sideline. Goodwin throws a high arcing ball back to Taylor, who asked for a throw back with his right hand.

The ball which is approaching on Taylor's left is going to land slightly in front of him. So Taylor uses his glove-covered left hand to snare the ball down in front of his knees with his palm up using only his fingertips.


Last summer in training camp Sammy Watkins was turning in receptions with a high degree of difficulty almost every day, but the one that was widely considered his best was a one-handed catch in which Watkins fell down, regained his balance, and snared a line-drive throw for a touchdown.

Both are pretty tough to pull off, and Watkins' catch is happening at close to game speed. Which one do you believe is the better grab?

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