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Coy Wire - Practice

LB Coy Wire

Practice – September 5, 2007


On how exciting it is to start at linebacker…

Exciting is not the word. First of all, disappointed that Keith [Ellison] is out, because he played some good football for us through the preseason. But definitely looking forward to being able to step in, play good solid football for us at that position where we don't miss a beat at that SAM linebacker spot on Sunday.


On if he is prepared to play linebacker…

Feel very comfortable considering last year I stepped in with five games left to go in the season and obviously didn't feel very comfortable and complete with what we're doing within the scheme as a linebacker. Having a chance to spend a whole offseason, spring time and then training camp at that position obviously I feel a lot more comfortable than I did last year at this time. I feel right at home. I feel I've been playing some of the best football I've played. I'm thankful for the opportunity to play that spot for us.


On if linebacker is a natural position for him….

It is. I played that position in college and when I came to the NFL they put me at defensive back was really the first time I really had to back paddle. That was tough for me coming out and having to cover some of the fastest guys in the world. That's not an easy thing to do. Being able to go back and play up-close to the line I feel that's more my style of football, more instinctive at that position. I'm glad the coaches saw that in me and are able to use me and provide good support for our team at that position.


On the reason they might have moved him to safety initially…

Probably because the year before, Adam Archuleta came in and did the same thing. They were probably seeing me as the same type of player. They had me lose weight. My first four years here in Buffalo they had me lose weight. I was down to about 205 lbs. and playing just a different style of football than I had ever been used to. Now I'm back to lifting weights the way I lift weights and back to being the type of football player I am and thankful we're in a defensive scheme that caters to my type of ability and being able to really perform well at this position.


On if he asked to play linebacker over the years….

I never said it obviously because I'm going to do what the coaches want me to do but I definitely thought about it and I always thought I would be able to do it at this level. After a whole preseason there, I know that's the case. I'm looking forward to playing some good, solid football there.


On the reason it took long for coaches to move him to linebacker….

I think more than anything, fortunate for me, we came in with a defensive scheme that prefers lighter, quicker, more explosive type athletes at that position. I wasn't the prototypical linebacker even if I was back up to 225 lb. playing about 229 lbs. now. It's just being good fortune that we brought in a defensive scheme where my size is stereotypical and typical for a linebacker.


On if he is expecting Denver to run at him in the first quarter…

I think that Denver is going to stick to what they do and they run one heck of a stretch bounce zone type of running scheme. And then they counter that and make it look the same and they'll comeback with a bootleg. I don't think they'll try to change what they do because what they do works well for them and has. They're a consistently winning football team. [Mike] Shanahan's a smart guy. He's going to stick with what he knows has been successful for him. That's what we're going to be going up against.


On stopping the run…

It's always a concern. Especially when you have a guy like Travis [Henry] coming back into town. We all know what he's capable of when he's playing good football and you have a team like Denver who's always known for their running game. So of course it's a concern. We're going to stress that and emphasize that and we know we're up for one heck of a challenge. We haven't established ourselves as a run stopping football team yet, so of course it's a concern for us and we've been emphasizing that. We've been realistic about this thing. We have to go out and play our best football this Sunday because it's one heck of a challenge when it comes to the run game.


On if he felt it was unfortunate they didn't keep Henry…

Absolutely. I feel a lot of circumstances, as we all know, are unfortunate that we didn't keep him here, because a lot of different reasons when it comes to a guy that's going to put on a set of pads and a different color jersey. He's not the type of guy that you look forward to going up against because he is one heck of a football player. His personal life aside, you don't look at that. You just look at him as a football player and that boy can run the ball.


On his special teams responsibilities…

They took me off a couple obviously, because it'll be pretty tiring being out the whole day. It has definitely allowed me to focus more on linebacker. I will be on some special teams.

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