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DE Aaron Schobel - Practice


After practice – AUGUST 19, 2007


On losing Ryan Denney

A guy like that is hard to replace. Everyone knows we go with three guys pretty much. Sometimes Anthony Hargrove plays but I don't know how the system will be now. You can't replace a guy like that though. We'll see how the season goes.


On whether he expects more playing time and is ready to take on a larger role

If that's what I have to do. As far as the way our coach wants us to play, if he wants us to run the ball. It's hard to run the ball every play, every snap. I don't know what the system is going to be like. We'll see as we go


On making stops in Friday's preseason games

We didn't start out well. We made some little mistakes but like you said we were able to stop them when we had to and that's good. That's where we struggled last year, in the red zone right before the half so it's good to do that.


On giving takeaways

Takeaways are the main thing. It's obvious. If you give your offense a chance to score, you'll have a lot better chance to win a ball game.


On whether he's concerned over the loss of Ryan Denney

There are guys on this team that might have to step up. I don't know who it's going to be but whoever he is, he might have to step up. Maybe we'll bring someone in. I don't know. I don't have to worry about that.

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