DE-OLB Jordan to have surgery next week


He's considered a potential top 10 draft pick. With a 6'7" frame and athleticism that allowed him to cover slot receivers in college, Dion Jordan is a prospect with tantalizing potential despite the fact that he's in line for shoulder surgery next week.

Jordan tore the labrum in his shoulder against Colorado midway through his senior season, but missed just one game and finished the year. He's holding off on surgery so he can compete in the workouts at the NFL Combine.

"I plan on having surgery as soon as I leave here," he said. "I'm doing everything I can to make sure I compete with these guys come Monday."

The tight end turned pass rushing terror will do everything but the bench press this week.

"I have to compete to show what I have," he said.

Jordan blamed himself for the injury citing bad technique on an arm tackle and paid for it. He'll have surgery in Los Angeles later this week followed by a lengthy rehab that will prevent from participating in Oregon's pro day.

"They give me about three to four months as far as my rehab," Jordan said. "And I'm going to attack my rehab after surgery as hard as I did before. I want to be able to show up at camp and compete with all the other guys."

Jordan has been projected as an ideal fit for a 3-4 defensive scheme at outside linebacker due to his coverage abilities. He played all across Oregon's defensive front and was assigned a host of cover duties though he was primarily a pass rusher.

"I think it just shows that I understand the game, understand defenses because I've played on the offensive side of the ball I understand a lot of the offensive schemes also," he said. "So it plays to my abilities and understanding a lot of little things and my size at 6'7" as an outside linebacker is kind of unique."

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