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Defensive End Chris Kelsay - Media Day

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
On lining up with four defensive ends against Miami
For really the last four or five weeks we've been adding something different every game and just keeping offenses kind of on their toes. It's good obviously for our defense to keep them uncertain of what's coming. A lot of times we end where we would have, had we just lined up in our base or our normal techniques. But by moving around and shifting guys it makes it a little confusing for offenses. So I'm sure we'll do something like that this week. What it is? We haven't really discussed yet today. Today was pretty much a base day and tomorrow is going to be third down so that's when that will come.
On if lining up with four defensive ends helps with producing tackles for losses
They checked to a draw. I believe it was a full draw or something to that nature. But usually it's going to be in a second and real long or third and long. Definitely a passing situation, really the only that they may check to is a draw or something like that which is more of a reaction to how our defense is aligned as far as the play is concerned. We held up pretty good in there. Granted it wasn't a top play on that formation, but it's something I'm sure we'll continue to use here.
On each of the defensive ends having experience playing inside
We've all played down in there and feel pretty comfortable doing so and meantime you can get guys playing hard and are willing to take on different roles in the defense.
On where he feels the New England offense ranks
They're second to none. I mean obviously they're scoring a lot of points, moving the ball on everybody. Really in nine games they've only had one close game. That was against Indy. They're able to do a lot different things: run the ball, throw the ball just because they have a lot of weapons on offense. Great quarterback, good receivers, Welker I think is good once again probably gotten the credit due. He's a heck of a football player and they pose a lot of problems. Again, we have to prepare hard and focus on what we're going to do and show it on the field on Sunday.
On how they can contain the Patriots offense
Pressuring Tom Brady. It's the only way you can do it. If you don't get pressure on a quarterback, especially seven-on-seven where he can just kind of pick you apart. It's hard for cover guys to cover for an awful long time. If he's having all day back there to throw the ball he's going to do just that.  That's our main objective is getting Tom Brady. When we've had success against them we put pressure on him.
On the memo from the league of helmet-to-helmet hits
I think the rule put into action is something that if something is pretty flagrant, intentional, if you hit a quarterback with your helmet I think it's up to the referee's discretion if it was intentional or if it's violent enough to render an ejection. The examples that they gave to us and sent on film to the coaches were very flagrant and in my opinion deserving to be ejections. You see it every week. You see guys getting hit helmet to helmet, using their helmet to strike another person's helmet, not always on purpose. And those will be penalized and fined by the league but some won't render ejection.
On the time of possession factor from a defense perspective
It'll be tough. It's going to be tough anyway. Anytime you're on the field for as long as we were against a really good team like New England they're scoring points on pretty much everybody they play. They make it real difficult. Our offense is our best defense, keeping them on the field, keeping us off like they have done the previous four or five weeks. They've done a really good job of playing into our scheme and we're all about running the football, playing with energy and a lot of emotion. The only way you can do that is if you rest and are at full strength.
On if they can feed off of the energy from the Monday night atmosphere
I think we'll feed off it tremendously. Initial response to hearing that the game was pushed back to 8:15 was a lot of guys sit around all day waiting to play a football game, but at the same time myself personally, I love playing under the lights, I like the later game, I don't like sitting around anxious all day, waiting to play but once the time comes and you get out there. Our fans were tremendous. They did a great job of supporting us, staying loud all game and I'm expecting the same thing this Sunday. And it's fun. It's primetime, everybody's watching and if you can't get up for this type of game then you're in the wrong business.
On if the Bills win and shock a lot of fans how this will affect the franchise
If we win it'll definitely obviously wake a lot of people up. From a personal standpoint I don't necessarily care about the respect that where getting outside of our organization. I know what we're about, type of character we have on this team and I know we can potentially do every Sunday. If we can continue to do that the respect will come, eventually will come. If we continue to stack wins on top of each other, make the playoffs, those are some of the goals that we set for ourselves then the respect will come. Whether we're getting it now or two weeks from now or six weeks from now,  whatever it may be, it will come in due time. We're all about preparing hard for games week in and week out and doing our best to get a win.

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