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Defensive end Chris Kelsay - Postgame

Bills defensive end Chris Kelsay

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On whether they thought they could beat the Patriots after they got down

Well in that situation we just have to forget about the score and go out and play football. Try to play as well as we possibly can and go out and make some plays and see where we stand at the end.


On four-game winning streak snapped

Yes it's tough we're just going to have to look at the film, make corrections and look ourselves in the mirror and come to work on Wednesday and get ready for Jacksonville (Jaguars).


On whether he thought the Patriots would win that big

I didn't.  I thought we had a good opportunity tonight.  I said from the middle of the week on that we needed to put pressure on Tom Brady and get him out of his game and we weren't able to do that tonight and we put our cover guys in bad position.



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