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"Don't lose your game, rise to the occasion" | Stefon Diggs and the Bills use win over Packers as learning experience 

From the Locker Room Packers Game

Keeping composure in a hostile environment

In Buffalo's 27-17 Sunday Night Football win over the Green Bay Packers, there was the most talking and jawing between two opponents that WR Stefon Diggs has ever seen. And in such a rowdy environment in Orchard Park, it was only natural for this game to get a little aggressive.

"In this grown men sport, my job is to take food off of your plate, so it obviously creates a real hostile environment where things are going to take place," Diggs said. "When you battle in not just the game but each and every day throughout the week and how much time you put in, how much effort you put in, it's hard to take a little extra nudge from a guy and be like, oh well, next play."

The back-and-forth banter started during pregame between Diggs and Packers CB Jaire Alexander and carried on throughout the game whenever the two were matched up against each other. But to ensure that the hostility didn't take over the team's mindset, fellow wide receivers Isaiah McKenzie and Gabe Davis, as well as QB Josh Allen rallied around Diggs when moments after plays got heated.

"In those moments as far as I said like being emotionally aware, you'll get aggressive cause guys are mad cause you are going back and forth," Diggs said. "As anybody knows, if you argue with somebody, you get a little aggressive. So, understand they're playing a game but don't lose your game, rise to the occasion."

For head coach Sean McDermott, the chippiness wasn't anything out of the norm. While there were times the head coach felt his team could have been more disciplined, he was proud of the way they handled their composure on the sidelines during the incident that led to Packers starting ILB Quay Walker getting ejected.

Even though the Bills came out on top, there were moments throughout the game where emotions took over and negatively impacted the team's performance. But they look to use those plays as a learning experience so when future games get to that level, they're focused on playing smart and winning a football game.

"We already had so many talks about positive self-talk and it sometimes it just takes things to happen to know like 'I can't do that'," Bills LB Von Miller said. "And I'd rather learn these lessons now than deep into the playoffs, or in crucial games at the end of the season."

Matt Milano is "the real 5-8"

LB Matt Milano has made a name for himself throughout the NFL over the course of the past few seasons and Sunday night, he made his name stand out on the stats sheet and the highlight reels.

"That is the real 5-8. He is the real deal," Miller said, referencing his teammate's jersey number. "I see the way he works each and every day. It means more whenever the good guys have success. Matt Milano is one of the good guys, and it's an honor and a privilege to be his teammate."

Milano was on the cusp of making a big play all night. After coming just inches away from intercepting QB Aaron Rodgers earlier in the game, the magic for Milano happened in the fourth quarter when defensive lineman Tim Settle tipped a pass from Rodgers that seconds later found the hands of the linebacker for a turnover.

"It was a great relief," Milano said. "I didn't see what happened. I just saw the ball up in the air and got it."

Milano's intensity and willingness to make plays, while being on the same page as the back seven have stood out to McDermott over the last several seasons. Those attributes were more than apparent tonight with his five tackles and constant pressure on the Packers' offense, along with his interception.

"I just think he's he just continues to improve every week and I love that about him," McDermott said. "He's passionate about the way he practices and then that carries over to the game."

Allen to learn from his second-half performance

While a win is a win in Josh Allen's book, there's a lot to learn from Sunday night's game from a team perspective as well as the assessment of individual performances. Allen praised his team's defense, special teams, and run game, but he had a few critiques when it came to his own performance.

"I have a concern with making stupid decisions and not closing out the game that way either," Allen said. "Things that we can do and things that I can do differently, obviously that changes the feeling and the outcome of that game. Obviously, I have a crappy taste in my mouth right now."

Allen finished the night with 218 passing yards, two TDs, 49 rushing yards and two interceptions. Both of Allen's INTs came in the second half and kept the Bills from truly pulling away from the Packers.

"Got a little out of groove and just did some uncharacteristic things, can't make those decisions, can't put our team in a situation where the only way that team gets back in it is by turning the ball over, and two stupid ones that really had no business throwing," Allen said.

All mistakes aside, the QB is still happy that his team came off of the bye week and found a way to win the game. But just like any other game, Allen is going to look at areas of his game that need improvement throughout the week to prepare for next Sunday's matchup against the New York Jets.

"That's Josh," Miller said. "He's a true competitor. He wants to be perfect each and every time that he goes out there, and he did enough to win for us today. He made some great plays, ran the ball, played tough, found some open receivers in a stingy Packers secondary."

Poyer injury update

Safety Jordan Poyer, who has been dealing with injuries since the start of the season, left Sunday night's game in the second half with an elbow injury and did not return. Poyer was shaken up after a play late in the third quarter and only made a brief appearance at the beginning of the fourth quarter before being ruled out for the rest of the game.

"Just felt like a pop really," Poyer said. "We'll see what the MRI says tomorrow. Staying positive about it. I know it's been kind of a frustrating year for me as far as a couple of injuries, a couple of setbacks." 

Poyer went on to share that he's been through different injuries before so it's nothing different when it comes to dealing with the one he suffered Sunday night, which he said is different from the one he suffered back in training camp. 

"Yeah, I'm concerned anytime a guy gets hurt and Jordan has been one of our one of our better players for a number of years here, we'll just see," McDermott said. "We'll see how it goes and how it all turns out here."

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