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Gailey sheds light on QB situation

The quarterback position for the Buffalo Bills is one that carries more questions than answers with a new coaching staff that will likely have new preferences to that of the previous regime. Head coach Chan Gailey along with his staff has done all the evaluating of the signal callers as possible off of tape. To this point however, they haven't worked with them on the field. Provided the makeup of the quarterback position remains the same Gailey intends to make it an open competition for the starting job.

"We've been in the process of evaluating everybody that's on the roster and everybody that's available," said Gailey. "To me unless something different happens between and now and post-draft, to me it's an open competition for the job to see what happens. We've got some guys that obviously have played well at times and some guys that are unproven that we don't know, but were well regarded coming out. So to me we've got to see who can rise to the top."

Buffalo currently has Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm under contract. All three made starts in 2009, but all three had their share of struggles behind an injury-riddled offensive line.

So provided everything remains unchanged it will be those three battling it out for the starting job. Of course at the NFL combine last month Gailey told that the team intended to add a fourth quarterback.

"We have three and we're going to add one more some way somehow to go to camp," said Gailey last month. "Whether that's a veteran, a young guy, a draft choice or a free agent I don't know. We're trying to upgrade every bit of our team that we can so we can put the best product on the field to win football games."

If that addition is a proven player that comes via trade or free agency or is a high draft choice, there's a good chance such an addition could change the team's approach at the quarterback position. That's why Buffalo's head coach is not ruling anything out as to what the future might hold at the position.

"We're looking at everything," said Gailey. "We're trying to leave no stone unturned."

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