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George Wilson - Postgame

Bills Free Safety- George Wilson
On his play at safety

This was a game where I had to do more than I had to do in the past.  Normally I'm back deep either playing my half in cover 2 or playing the middle of the field in cover 3.  But that can become predictable when you only have one safety moving around.  When you have both safeties capable of moving around and up into the box, it makes you more explosive on defense. Today I knew I was going have to make some plays in the running game and in the passing game for us to be successful. On Chad Johnson's injury
It was definitely a scary moment.  It was great to see him move his arms and legs, so that was a sigh of relief.  But from our experience the first week we know what the Bengal's are feeling.  We got together and said a prayer on his behalf.  We encouraged him as they took him off on the stretcher.  This is such a violent game and we forget how easy it is to get hurt.  But our thoughts and prayers are with him.


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