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Get closer to your team with Bills Desksite


It Starts with You!

Get closer to your team with instant access to every Bills HD video produced. Through an innovative digital platform, the ***Bills DeskSite***, you'll never miss a moment. This Big Screen app, exclusively modeled for desktops, laptops, and tablets, is essentially your very own DVR for the Internet, serving as a digital fan hub for HD video, web content and social conversation around the team.

If you want the ultimate inside look, the Bills DeskSite is for you. This free app gives you your very own VIP pass to all things Bills, including player analysis, on-and-off the field news, interviews with players and coaches, chalk talks, post-game recaps, full-length Bills TV shows, and more.

It's not easy filtering through hours and hours of content to finally get to the videos you love. With the Bills DeskSite you can customize your very own video library, so only the videos you love are being proactively delivered to your device. Furthermore, this app has instantaneous video playback, eliminating the hassle of dropping or freezing. You can even watch your favorite footage in slow-motion – reliving that epic catch in high-definition detail!

"The Bills DeskSite offers *fans a connection that's deeper and closer than anything else on the Internet today,"* said Richard Gillam, CEO of DeskSite. "If you're a Bills fanatic, this is a must-have experience."

Additionally, the Bills DeskSite gives you aggregated access to all Bills digital content, including the official website, Twitter, Facebook, and more!

"Bills DeskSite allows us to deliver a cutting-edge viewing experience directly to our loyal fanbase," said Bruce Popko, EVP of Business Development at Pegula Sports and Entertainment. "With this innovative service, our fans can become even more engaged and stay connected in a truly interactive way."

It starts with you – visit now to download your very own Bills DeskSite. Are you with us?

About DeskSite

DeskSite is a new digital media company that's revolutionizing the way fans connect with their favorite entertainment brands. The company has partnered with many of the world's most valuable sports teams to continuously deliver highly-produced, team-specific HD video content across a broad demographic spectrum.

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