Glenn's status now week to week after foot injection


Glenn's status now week to week after foot injectionThe day-to-day status of LT Cordy Glenn has now been increased to a week to week designation following a visit with another doctor for his ailing foot.

"Cordy flew to Wisconsin and had an injection in his foot done by Dr. Anderson and we'll list him as week to week at this point," said head coach Sean McDermott."

Glenn has not practiced in a week with Seantrel Henderson spelling him in the starting lineup at left tackle. McDermott did say that the long term contingency plan in the event that Glenn does not improve is to move Dion Dawkins to the left side knowing that Henderson has a five-game suspension still to serve at the outset of the regular season.

At this point however, McDermott said Dawkins will remain on the right side where he needs the reps after playing his entire college career at left tackle.

"The doctors are hopeful," said McDermott of Glenn's prognosis. "We're all hopeful, but we're really just week to week at this point and hope to get him back as soon as possible. We just have to stay on top of it."

When asked if he's troubled that Glenn's injury has persisted, Buffalo's head coach is resolute in his belief that the team will have their left tackle back in due time.

"You never want to see anything linger," McDermott said. "Having addressed it right from the start from the treatment end of things, we're hopeful at this point that this is something that finalizes and knocks it out and Cordy can return on a full-time basis."

Matthews injury unfortunate, but not catastrophicSeeing Jordan Matthews time on the field with his new Bills teammates last all of one day, fans were understandably frustrated. Matthews is disappointed as well, but has resolved to take a positive attitude to his situation.

"At this point it's week to week," said McDermott of Matthews' injury status. "He's going to have a couple of sore days here based on the diagnosis. Speaking with Jordan the other night he's very positive and a bright-eyed young man and that helps the healing process. The great part about Jordan is he had an issue in training camp last year and in the first game of the season last year had a 100-yard game.

"He's very conscientious about the way he prepares. He's spending extra time with (receivers coach) Phil McGeoghan and Tyrod (Taylor) as well as Anquan (Bolding) and Zay (Jones). I expect him to continue to do that going forward."

McDermott didn't deny that being unable to practice will set Matthews back a bit, but it sounds like the head coach doesn't believe his new receiver will be sidelined for an extended period of time.

"It is a little bit of a blip on the radar, but that said there are a lot of players that are lost for the year out there," said McDermott. "We're grateful that's not the case with him. We hope to have him back sooner rather than later and I look forward to having him on the field."

Hughes having a strong campDE Jerry Hughes got a little hot at practice Monday when there was a lot of jaw jacking back and forth between the offense and the defense. Hughes wouldn't quit when it came to yapping with the offense to the point where defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier subbed him out of the lineup. Hughes had a long talk with coach McDermott after practice, but Hughes said it had nothing to do with what happened on the field in practice. McDermott addressed all things Hughes on Tuesday morning.

"I think first Jerry is having a heck of a camp and he's playing our style of football," McDermott said. "He's coming off the ball up front. He's playing relentless in his approach to the game every practice. He buckles it up and I love that.

"The other part of it was an off the field issue and I appreciate the communication there. It's been handled and the rest of it out of respect for the player I will leave between us at this point."

With respect to Hughes' history of drawing personal foul penalties for letting his emotions get the best of him in games, McDermott is not focused on the past though he will not tolerate infractions before the snap or after the whistle.

"At this point what I've seen from Jerry is the type of football I want to see," he said. "Penalties, the post-whistle penalties are non-negotiable in my mind. Those hurt the team. Whether it's Jerry or anyone else, disciplined football teams don't do that."

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