Goodwin developing as offensive weapon


His impact is more than evident. Showing up on game highlight reels and averaging more than 16 yards per catch will get you noticed by future opponents. But Marquise Goodwin is only beginning to scratch the surface of the kind of weapon he can be for Buffalo's offense.

Last Sunday was the latest example of the difference-making plays he can provide. Goodwin had four of the nine longest plays from scrimmage in the Bills win over the Jets last week, the biggest being his 43-yard touchdown reception.

It was his third straight home game in which he's posted a touchdown catch. All three of his scores have come on go routes with a 40-yarder against Cincinnati and a 59-yarder against the Chiefs. It's begun to affect the way opposing defensive backs play him.

"Over the course of the games I have played I have seen DBs start to back up, so hopefully I'm gaining a little respect. If I'm not I will," said Goodwin. "Eventually everybody will respect me."

Goodwin made that statement with a gleam in his eye. The kind of gleam that convinces you there is an internal drive within the diminutive, but determined receiver that will make good on that personal goal.

The way Goodwin wants to garner that respect however, is not by being a one-dimensional wideout. He wants to prove that his game is more than just go routes and streaks. There are a lot more ways that he can hurt a defense.

"Marquise is a guy you want to get him the ball, but not just deep routes," said EJ Manuel. "He can also run great routes across the middle. He's a very good, versatile receiver. He just happens to have a lot of speed and people only think you can throw deep balls to him, but he can run great routes across the middle too."

For now Goodwin recognizes that he helps the team the most by stretching the field and forcing defenses to keep their safeties back, thereby creating better situations for Buffalo's run game.

"Me just running verticals past dudes, it'll definitely help my team at the end of the day," he said. "Showing my versatility will come with time. The people on the outside really don't know what goes on behind closed doors and it's not just me running down the field. They don't see me doing the comeback routes, the curl routes, the hitch routes and the under routes. It is what it is. I've just got to be patient."

And while he waits to put his game on full display, he works to sharpen up everything he has to offer the Bills passing game.

"I just try to perfect my craft," said Goodwin. "Being a receiver there are a lot of things I need to work on as far as route running and just being precise. Coming out of my routes and catching the ball. I just try to be perfect. That way every time I'm in the game I feel like I can make an impact on what the outcome of the game will be."

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