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Here's what happened when Dean Marlowe competed with a 'MasterChef Junior' in a cook-off


As an NFL athlete, there are certain things you can't prepare for – just ask Bills safety Dean Marlowe.

Recently, Marlowe put his skills, albeit a different set of skills, to the test when he took part in the ultimate challenge – a cook off. However, this wasn't just any cooking contest. As featured on BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel, Marlowe was pitted against a 'MasterChef Junior' to settle an age-old question – can an NFL player beat a kid chef?

"I've been cooking for six years and I think I can beat whoever I'm against," said a confident Donovan, a contestant on season five of the popular FOX show.

Calm and collected, Marlowe, who has developed an appreciation for the art of cooking, was up for the competition.

The rules of the game were simple, or so it seemed.

Working with the ingredients available in the BuzzFeed refrigerator, Marlowe and Donovan were tasked with cooking a breakfast dish. They had only five minutes to pick the items they would use and another 30 minutes to make the meal.

Enter the real challenge: cereal.

When life gives you cereal you…must figure out a clever way to incorporate it into your dish.

Looking like nothing less than a professional, Donovan carefully concocted his meal – avocado toast with a twist. As he peered over, he realized Marlowe was in the process of crafting the same thing – in a less conventional, but still interesting manner.

Unfazed, the two worked until the buzzer sounded. Plating their offerings, Marlowe and Donovan awaited the final decision.

Find out whose cuisine won over the judges by watching the full video available here.

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