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In your words... Draft opinion winners

Analysts have weighed in on the Bills' 2011 draft selection

We asked you, the fans, to provide your feedback on the Buffalo Bills 2011 draft class on our Facebook Wall.

The authors of the 10 published responses below will receive a 2011 Buffalo Bills draft cap just like the one worn by Marcell Dareus.

John Zwirecki (Washington, District of Columbia)
I feel like the kid that just got a bike for X-mas but can't try it out because there is snow all over! Sound direction Buddy and Chan chose for this draft. Defense builds "Championships" and this was definitely a step in that direction . And wow , every Bills fan has to be hoping that Michael Jasper is the real deal.

Mike Hunter
The Buffalo Bills 2011 draft in my eyes was prodigious. In my cursory review, it looks like we picked extremely well in rounds 1-4. Taking players at positions of need, that were at or above, their "pre-determined" value. That my friends, is the key to successful drafting. It's too early to tell, however I believe we've finally found our "white knights" in Nix and Gailey.

Matt Mazuchowski
While Marcell Dareus is an awesome pick I think we should have addressed the offensive tackle issue sooner. We needed a corner and safety with Whitner and Florence probably leaving but the O line needed a facelift more. Inside linebacker should be ok with Sheppard. Overall a B

Joanie Podkowinski DeKoker
Buddy, Chan and crew did a PHENOMINAL job!! We've never had a draft this good! Not only did we improve our defense tremendously, the draft picks all have great character, personality and leadership abilities -- truly worthy of holding the title of a "Buffalo Bill". Every pick can make the team! And the analysts don't realize just how good Fitz is!! Playoffs here we come! Joanie DeKoker

Zach Schifferle (Buffalo, NY)
The 2011 Bills draft = thumbs up!

The Bills addressed needs on defense that struggled greatly in 2010. Why draft a mediocre QB that will sit the bench when we have a solid QB in Ryan Fitzpatrick right now. In my opinion none of the quarterbacks in this year's draft class stuck out to me besides Cam Newton. Big Dareus fan...go Bills!

Pete Borini (Clifton Park, NY)
In the 2011 NFL Draft, the Bills' themes were defense, big bodies and sideline-to-sideline coverage. As the picks unfolded, I saw a real direction from the coaches and scouts and applaud the guts it took to stick to it. The pieces are coming together!

Teej Baker
The 2011 NFL draft might be the most exciting one in recent history. With several quality pickups and a diamond 7th round sleeper, the Bills took a tremendous step forward in adding defensive talent that will help keep opposing offenses off the field and provide more opportunities for Fitzpatrick to take us to the promise land.

Bryan Edson
Not a sexy draft but a needed draft. That is what makes it great! We filled some big needs with some big players. Dareus was HUGE. Best player in this draft. He will do the dirty work in the trenches. Williams and Sheppard are immediate impact starters. The Defense needed an infusion and it got one. The rest of our picks have a lot of intrigue associated with them and they could be great value late round gems. I am glad that the past two drafts have been very smart. It seems that finally some quality minds are running this team.

Alex Christopher Brennan (Lockport, NY)
I feel the Bills had a good draft, assessing the needs on the defensive side of the ball. I would have liked to see them get a QB in the second round, but Aaron Williams is great, I watched Texas all the time and he is a real ball hawk. Dareus and Sheppard will be a real help, and Johnny White will add depth to the backfield behind Spiller and Jackson. Searcy and Hairston will also be good help down the line. All in all, they really did a good job filling needs in this draft.

Jarett Brotz (Delaware)
Love the draft! Finally got a franchise player in Dareus, and love the leadership and attitude we got from Kelvin Shephard! I think drafting dominantly defense was smart. We need guys to fit Gailey's system, not star players. These guys late in the draft can contribute.  

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