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Inside the Bills - Aug 13

Bills pep rally readies Toronto fans
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:37 PM ET

BILLS PEP RALLY READIES TORONTO FANS: It was all Bills all the time in Yonge-Dundas square (Toronto's answer to NY's Times Square) this evening as the entire roster, Bills Hall of Famers and other former greats graced the stage and whipped fans into a frenzy.

We'll have a video report coming up on the home page in a bit to give you a feel for the atmosphere.

Rams talk with Jackson's agent
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:51 PM ET

RAMS TALK WITH JACKSON'S AGENT: According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the Rams have had "low key" talks with holdout Steven Jackson's agent Eugene Parker, who is also the agent for Jason Peters.

St. Louis' camp ended today so whether that sparks anything remains to be seen.

Bills arrive in Toronto
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 5:08 PM ET

BILLS ARRIVE IN TORONTO: The Buffalo Bills pulled into downtown Toronto at about 4:30 pm this afternoon. There was a short press briefing shortly after their arrival with coach Jauron and some of the team's name players.

With respect to the trip up the team had a brief delay at the border, but otherwise the trip went smooth.

"I got about a 20-minute nap in, played some Sudoku, I watched some tape and read the USA Today," said Trent Edwards. "I had my passport ready to go. But it went well."

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