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Answering some questionsPosted By: Chris Brown | Time: 8:10 PM ET

ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS: Using some free time to appease the masses. Here are some more answers to your camp questions. Remember you can always send questions to me at

Q - Coach Jauron looks to be in pretty good shape. Do you ever see him banging the weights around with the team? Also does he get involved in the drills at practice, like db drills (press coverage and the like)? Thanks Chris! Michael Suppe' Reno NV

A - I've been told that coach Jauron is up very early and working out some days at 5:30am. I believe most of his workouts consist of cardio and light weights. I don't know how many times a week. As for drills on the field, no he does not participate.

Q - Have you heard of any contact between Jason Peters and the Buffalo Bills?

A - To this point still no contact.

Q - After Dick Jauron telling us in the past after the pre-season that he wished he had more time to prepare the team, and the Bills proving he was right by being outgained by almost 800 yards in the first three games of the 2007 season, do you find it a little troubling that the starters, in particular Trent Edwards, saw so little time? In fact, only three starting QB's, Rothlisberger, Romo and Delhomme logged less time than Trent Edwards this week.

In your opinion, does Dick Jauron have a problem managing time in training camp and the pre-season?

The results seem to tell us he has a big problem in this area.

When does the importance of team chemistry override the fear of getting an injury?
A - I'll admit I was a bit surprised with the lack of playing time Edwards got in the first preseason game. I thought he'd receive more like what he got in the second game in the first. In the second game I had no problem with how much time the first unit got. When you perform that way on your first two possessions you allow your staff to get you off the field because you were effective.

As for managing time in training camp and the preseason I don't believe coach Jauron has a problem at all. In fact today was a perfect example of how in tune he is with how the players are feeling. Early in practice the players had the pads on and after the first segment of 7-on-7 the workout was lacking some crispness.

He had the players take their pads off seeing that a good number of them were a bit heavy legged, which is common this late in camp.

So while I think he like every other coach in the league worries about injury and overworking players, he doesn't curtail work to the point where it's a detriment to the team being prepared for the regular season. I just think the past two years you had a very young team going into the regular season and I feel now that they've taken their lumps they'll be ready to start fast.

Q - Hey Chris the boards were wondering if you proposed the idea of Wendling "bunny hopping" over to block the kicks or was that April or Wendling's idea?

A - Got to give it up to coach April. The man has got some serious creativity. He'll take a talent and apply it somehow, some way to special teams. For the record I'm confident Wendling would prefer you not call it the 'bunny hop.' Sounds a little too cute and fuzzy. Maybe the 'Flying Cowboy' or something since he went to Wyoming.

Q - Can someone tell me who wore number 40 in 1976?

A - According to the Bills media guide, no one wore jersey #40 in 1976. J.D. Hill wore it from 1971-75 and RB Terry Miller wore it from 1978-80.

Q - On the long Steelers touchdown pass, one or two Bills made mistakes/got beat - Youboty and Wilson. Which was it? Was it man coverage and Youboty got beat? Was it classic cover 2 and Wilson didn't get back early enough to cover the deep zone on that side?

What was supposed to happen on that play that didn't happen?

A - From my vantage point it appeared that Youboty took a false step at the snap and right away was a step behind which led to Holmes' quick separation. At the same time I believe Roethlisberger looked Wilson off long enough to get the ball to Holmes deep downfield and keep Wilson from reacting quickly enough to make a play on the ball.

Edwards appearance at Verizon
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:49 PM ET

EDWARDS APPEARANCE AT VERIZON: Trent Edwards appeared at the Verizon Wireless store on Holt Road in Webster, NY this past Saturday signing autographs for the fans who lined up and signed up for the new Bills Playbook, an online game that gives fans the chance to guess what plays the Buffalo Bills will run each week during the season. Here are a couple of photos from the event.

You can go to to pick the plays for the upcoming game during the regular season. 

When you guess right fans get a game piece to scratch off. If their scratch off has three of the same prize they win that prize. Also by logging onto the site once a day fans are automatically entered to win the grand prize, where they'll meet Trent at the team's Saturday practice on Dec. 27 and get two tickets to the Bills vs. Patriots game the following day (Dec. 28).

Among the scratch off prizes available are an autographed Trent Edwards jersey, autographed mini helmets, autographed football, ringtones and more. Collect and win prizes include four tickets to the Bills-Miami game in Toronton on Dec. 7, an airline voucher, 10 Motorola phones and a game suite to the Bills-New England game on Dec. 28.

Stroud takes the mic
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:15 PM ET

STROUD TAKES THE MIC: So I'm all set to conduct an interview with Bills DT Spencer Johnson when Marcus Stroud shuffles over and offers to do the interview for me.

After dumping the chew out of his mouth Stroud flawlessly opens the interview introducing himself and his guest. He then begins the interview of Johnson and asks a series of 7-10 questions of Johnson most of which solicited good answers.

Stroud also signed off. It's something to see, but I think I may have finally found some good help for us on

"I'm getting ready for my second career," said Stroud after finishing his work.

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