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Inside the Bills - Aug 20

Training camp awards
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:49 PM ET

TRAINING CAMP AWARDS: With training camp officially over here are our 2008 Training Camp Awards.

MVP - Lee Evans - He was clearly the most dominant player on the field from start to finish in camp.

MIP - Derek Schouman - His recent knee injury not withstanding, Schouman made a lot of progress with his game from year one to year two.

Best comeback - Robert Royal - Ko Simpson did well this offseason, but Royal was much further behind and has come a long way from just a couple of months ago to reclaim his game.

Most consistent - Evans, Jabari Greer, Chris Kelsay - These three players personify work ethic. They don't take a snap off, rarely ask for a lighter workload and it shows in their play.

Most elusive - Marshawn Lynch - His ability to bob and weave without losing speed is remarkable. Another strong camp for the Bills featured back.

Best hitter - Darian Barnes - While there wasn't any full live goal line team work, Barnes did lay some people out on special teams kick return drills. The Bills have themselves an old-fashioned fullback.

Most powerful - Marcus Stroud - The Bills big DT didn't get to flash his strength often in the camp setting as it's not full live football, but in one-on-one pass rush drills there was no stopping him.

Most versatile - Spencer Johnson - Johnson has lined up at both DT spots and defensive end. He's going to be even more valuable than he already is now if anyone should go down to injury on the D-line. Honorable mention to Jon Corto who moved from safety to linebacker.

Most pleasant surprise - Reggie Corner - I somewhat anticipated that Corner would hold his own in camp after watching him in OTAs, but he's been very good in the camp setting and was among the team leaders in interceptions with three. This fourth-round pick was a very, very good one.

Most inventive - Bobby April - the special teams coordinator continues to find ways to utilize every ounce of talent he has at his disposal. His use of John Wendling leaping over the lines on field goals to attempt a block is just one example.

Turk on J.P. and his approach
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:41 PM ET

TURK ON J.P. AND HIS APPROACH: Bills offensive coordinator Turk Schonert was asked after practice if he was ever concerned about how J.P. Losman would handle his new role of being the backup quarterback. Here was his response.

"I was concerned about it coming in because in the off-season he wasn't 100-percent there mentally all the time," said Schonert. "Early in camp he was not where he needed to be, but he got into it. He got better and got better and got better, and hopefully what happened yesterday will show him. We've been telling him that he's one snap away and that he's got to be ready, and you can't let yourself down and you can't let your teammates down, either. They're all depending on him and he knows that, so he'll be fine."

As far as whether anything with the offense will change if J.P. has to play as opposed to Edwards, Schonert said it's a non-issue.

"J.P. steps in and we go," Schonert said. "We don't slow down, we don't change anything, we just keep going. We're already putting our game plan together and it isn't going to change because five's (Trent Edwards') on the bench, and seven's (JP Losman is) out on the field. It's the same system, same plays, and he's expected to execute them."

Only minor swelling for Lynch
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:21 PM ET

ONLY MINOR SWELLING FOR LYNCH: Marshawn Lynch was able to practice Wednesday after his collision with Trent Edwards Tuesday night.

"He moved very well," said Dick Jauron of Lynch's performance Wednesday. "Bud (Carpenter) said he had minimal swelling today. He is a very tough guy and he just loves to play."

Evans contract update
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:14 PM ET

EVANS CONTRACT UPDATE: As training camp came to a close Lee Evans provided an update on the status of a contract extension as he's entering the final year of his rookie contract.

"We're moving in the right direction, but we've still got a ways to go," said Evans. "As long as we're moving forward that's room for optimism. Right now we're moving forward and I'm optimistic."

I think it's safe to assume that both sides in this would like to see something get done prior to the season opener knowing it would be a weight off of Evans' shoulders allowing him to really just concentrate on football. Evans is obviously enough of a professional where he could probably do that regardless, but long term security does mean a lot of players in a violent sport like football. So I do believe it would make a difference in Evans' mind.

Evans on Peters
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:17 AM ET

EVANS ON PETERS: With training camp coming to a close today Jason Peters has still not reported. For veteran teammates like Lee Evans who would like to have him back in the fold it hasn't been easy.

"It's tough," said Evans. "Not many people have talked to him so we'll have to see how the situation shakes out. Certainly we want him here and he was a big part of offense last year. We'll just have to see what happens in the future."

Edwards not participating in final camp practice
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 9:35 AM ET

EDWARDS NOT PARTICIPATING: Trent Edwards is not participating in practice after suffering a thigh bruise last night. He's watching from beneath the goal posts and is wearing sweatpants.

Answering some questionsPosted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:34 AM ET

ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS: A few more answers for you before I turn in for my last night at camp. Any questions you might have can be submitted to

Q - I would like to know how the rookie from Miami (Teraz McCray) is holding up in camp. He was a great player in college and I just wanted to know how he is handling the NFL level now. Do you think he has a chance of making the team?

A - McCray has been getting reps with the third string defense. With two big veteran acquisitions in the offseason at the defensive tackle position in Marcus Stroud and Spencer Johnson to go along with the likes of Kyle Williams, John McCargo and Jason Jefferson, I think it's going to be a tall order for McCray to make the 53-man roster.

Q - I have followed Xavier Omon's entire college career. How does he look in practice, and does he have a chance to make the team?

A - I think Omon has had some good moments, but I still believe Dwayne Wright to be more NFL ready and see him as the team's third RB. Wright has looked powerful the past few days at camp. The jump from Division II to the NFL is a big leap. I anticipate that Omon will be carried on the practice squad.

Q - How does Paul look in the middle and what do you see out of him for the season?  I love his savvy and intensity and think he is the definition of a hard nosed Buffalo Bill.....thanks

A - Posluszny looks solid. He sounds and seems more confident with his pre-snap calls, he looks like he's reacting quicker. I think he's going to be a monster this year.

Q - Any news on Robert Felton? How are his chances of making the team? When drafted they said that he needed to address upper body strength in order to make the squad. Is he doing this. The other OL draft choices. How are they doing?

A - I really like what I've seen from Demetrius Bell. He was labeled a project when he was drafted, but he's progressed nicely in my opinion. As for Felton I like his techniques and his footwork. His big challenge is to sculpt his body into more NFL ready form. The tools are there so I envision him being on the practice squad so they can continue to work with him.

Losman video up
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:04 AM ET

LOSMAN VIDEO UP: Happy to say that we've got the Losman video interview up on the home page. Kudos to our video department for doing a lot of trouble shooting tonight.

I've got to say that tonight was possibly J.P.'s best interview as a player on this team. He was a stand up guy that has clearly faced this situation head on and is doing it with the team's best interests in mind, by not causing any kind of friction whatsoever.

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