Inside the Bills - Aug 26

Everett to receive inspiration award
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:49 PM ET 

EVERETT TO RECEIVE INSPIRATION AWARD: Former Bills TE Kevin Everett will be receiving the Inspiration Award at the 23rd Annual Great Sports Legend Dinner which benefits the Buoniconti Fund to cure paralysis.

The event takes place at New York City's Waldorf Astoria hotel on Sept. 22. Bob Costas will be the master of ceremonies.

Brief scare for Edwards at practice
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:43 PM ET

BRIEF SCARE FOR EDWARDS AT PRACTICE: During Trent Edwards first practice after his thigh contusion Tuesday there was a brief scare as he tried to pull out from center left guard Derrick Dockery stepped on his foot causing Edwards to fall on his right side. (You can see the play in Bills Roundup later this afternoon on the multimedia page)

"I had a few choice words for Derrick Dockery on that one," said Edwards smiling. "He stepped on me. He kind of jumped a little early on my snap count. That's another thing you have to work through. All of the quarterbacks here have different snap counts and it's a minor issue, but you don't want to see that happen on Sunday. So we need to eliminate those things on Sunday and be where we need to be.""

Fortunately Edwards was no worse for the wear, but it illustrated Edwards' point after practice on the importance of him being in practice with his teammates every day.

"I need to practice. I need to be around the guys and I need to be in the huddle and they need to see me practicing too," Edwards said. "That's what I'm trying to accomplish right now. Regardless of injuries being the quarterback of this team you need to be able to practice, be in rhythm with your receivers, be in rhythm with your linemen and tight ends and running backs. The more practice I get before the Seahawks game the better."

It almost sounds as if Edwards is not expecting to get time in the preseason finale. Head coach Dick Jauron certainly sounded as if his priority was to get to the opener healthy and playing Edwards, Walker and possibly even James Hardy in the preseason puts that ideal at risk.

So even though Edwards has just 31 live snaps in the preseason and he'd obviously love to get more, it's hard to argue that it's more important to keep the starting quarterback healthy for the games that count.

Fine has serious thumb injury
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 2:54 PM ET

FINE HAS SERIOUS THUMB INJURY: Last season the tight end position was hit hard as Kevin Everett suffered a career ending injury in week one and then rookie Derek Schouman suffered a high ankle sprain and wound up on injured reserve as well.

Fast forward to this year and the Bills have yet to get out of the preseason and Derek Schouman is still a bit away from returning to action and now Derek Fine has what Dick Jauron called a "fairly serious thumb injury."

Though Jauron did not confirm whether it's broke he did say he would be out "a while."

That takes both of Buffalo's top move tight ends off the field, so lining up in the backfield pre-snap and things of that nature are not an option.

The remaining tight ends on the roster are Royal, Courtney Anderson and Tim Massaquoi.

Schouman and Fine's injuries could also complicate the staff's decision making on final roster spots. You often dress at least two tight ends on game day and keep three as a minimum on the roster. But with Fine likely out for the opener and Schouman questionable it could make for some unconventional decisions.

Edwards practicing
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:58 AM ET

EDWARDS PRACTICING: For the first time in a week Trent Edwards is back practicing with his teammates. We'll have a full recap of just how much he did after practice on

Walker not practicing
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:55 AM ET

WALKER NOT PRACTICING: Langston Walker is not participating in practice two days after suffering the bruised forearm in the Indy game. Also not participating are a few of his offensive line teammates.

Matt Murphy is still out, but also watching today are Duke Preston and Jason Whittle.

Derek Schouman and Jon Banks are also among the non-participants.

Roster must be reduced
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:31 AM ET

ROSTER MUST BE REDUCED: By 4pm today the Bills must get their roster down to the required 75. Buffalo currently is at the 80 man player limit.

We'll have the roster moves as soon as they're available on the home page of

A leopard doesn't change its spots
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:26 AM ET

A LEOPARD DOESN'T CHANGE ITS SPOTS: The Boston Herald's piece on Vince Wilfork and his dirty play over the past four years was interesting. In talking with the Patriots DT, the guy is still in denial about just how dirty a player he is.

Everyone remembers his flying elbow when he took out J.P. Losman's left knee last season and fewer may remember when he blind-sided former Bills LT Jonas Jennings when he was engaged with another lineman with a helmet to helmet shot to the back of the head leaving Jennings with a concussion, or when he kicked former Bills RG Chris Villarrial in the back when he was lying on the ground following a field goal attempt.

The best is this guy claims he's talked to those he has taken cheap shots to apologize and doesn't believe his reputation of being a dirty player is accurate.

First, I've talked to J.P. Losman who said he's never received an apology from Wilfork, nor does he care for one.

The guy is a dirty player and officials should keep an eye on him and punish him accordingly when he does take another cheap shot because it will happen. It's just in the guy's nature.

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