Inside the Bills - Aug 28

Practice squad eligible players

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:44 PM ET 

PRACTICE SQUAD ELIGIBLE PLAYERS: Here is a list of the players that are on or were recently on Buffalo's roster that are practice squad eligible. Obviously some players are going to make the 53-man roster like Fred Jackson, but here's the complete list regardless.

Matt Baker, Jon Banks, Demetrius Bell, Copeland Bryan, Marcus Buggs, Reggie Corner, Jon Corto, Blake Costanzo, Kennard Cox, Dustin Dickinson, Chris Ellis, Jonathan Evans, Robert Felton, Derek Fine, D.J. Fitzpatrick, Dustin Fox, Christian Gaddis, Bruce Hall, James Hardy, C.J. Hawthorne, Felton Huggins, Fred Jackson, Steve Johnson, Jason Jones, Corey Mace, Scott Mayle, Nevin McCaskill, Teraz McCray, Leodis McKelvin, Xavier Omon, Derek Schouman.

Injury update

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:33 PM ET

DIGIORGIO HAS RIB INJURY: Bills head coach Dick Jauron didn't play his starters for a reason. One of his key backups however didn't escape the final preseason game without injury.

Backup MLB John DiGiorgio suffered a rib injury in the game.

"We are going to do some more tests in the morning," said Jauron. "He was very sore at halftime and struggling a little bit to catch his breath. He's comfortable now, but we need to look at that again in the morning."

Jauron said that Gibran Hamdan hit his head on the turf when he was sacked and left the game.

"He was dazed," said Jauron.

He'll be evaluated to see if he suffered any type of concussion.

LB/S Jon Corto did suffer a concussion in the game. He too will be re-evaluated in the coming days.

Both inside the 10 kicks resulted in safeties

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:46 PM ET

BOTH INSIDE THE 10 KICKS RESULTED IN SAFETIES: Both of the kicks that Leodis McKelvin fielded (fair catch, return) inside his own 10-yard line resulted in safeties for Detroit.

In most cases return men are taught to let those go in the hopes that the ball reaches the end zone giving the offense a drive start at the 20. I'll have to ask coach Jauron why McKelvin chose to field both of those inside the 10.

So far so good for Youboty

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:39 PM ET

SO FAR SO GOOD FOR YOUBOTY: Ashton Youboty is having another steady performance thus far. He's got a couple of pass breakups so far in the first half. I think he's got himself a roster spot.

Johnson shows toughness

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:24 PM ET

JOHNSON SHOWS TOUGHNESS: That reception over the middle by Johnson is an indication of how Johnson as a rookie has an NFL body already. He's able to take a hit over the middle and still make a reception.

I really feel that Johnson will be the team's sixth wideout on the 53-man roster.

Good hands catch by Hardy

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:22 PM ET

GOOD HANDS CATCH BY HARDY: That's the second play Hardy has made over the middle. I've got a feeling a good portion of his receptions are going to come in that area of the field between the 20's this season. In the red zone will be a whole different story.

He just made another nice catch on the next play, but it was negated by penalty.

Teammates consoling Wright

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:09 PM ET

TEAMMATES CONSOLING WRIGHT: At least half a dozen teammates came to prop up Dwayne Wright after that fumble he just committed on Buffalo's last possession. With that being his third fumble in four preseason games he knows as well as anyone else it doesn't help his cause.

It's hard not to feel bad for the guy because he's done everything possible to rectify his fumbling issue, holding the football properly even when not on the field in the practice setting and while he was just walking around at training camp he had a football.

The guy's got talent, but for a running back it's a deficiency that's difficult for a coaching staff to overlook.

Steady opening drive

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 6:45 PM ET

STEADY OPENING DRIVE: Gibran Hamdan led an efficient drive. Even though there was penetration up front against them in the run game they overcame it and converted first downs. Hamdan's decision to scramble there for 28 yards was a very good decision. And he's got some wheels.

Big night for Dwayne Wright

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 6:17 PM ET

BIG NIGHT FOR DWAYNE WRIGHT: Dwayne Wright needs a solid, consistent performance to keep upstart rookie Xavier Omon at bay and cement himself as the third RB on the roster. Omon had a solid performance at Indy and showed he's getting more acclimated to the NFL game in making the jump from Division II in college.

But as long as Wright performs well tonight he's expected to be the team's third back behind Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, with Omon likely bound for the team's practice squad.

Wright is starting tonight at RB.

Hamdan likely to play whole game 
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 6:16 PM ET

HAMDAN LIKELY TO PLAY WHOLE GAME: Trent Edwards and J.P. Losman are both dressed but with Gibran Hamdan starting he's likely to play the whole game unless Losman is inserted into the game late.

Simpson only starter starting

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 6:14 PM ET

SIMPSON ONLY STARTER STARTING: With the starting lineups announced Ko Simpson is the only regular starter actually starting tonight for the Bills.

On offense it's all second and third stringers, with James Hardy starting at wideout arguably the most attractive player to keep an eye on.

Defensively it's mostly second string players. Jon Corto, who I believe has a chance to make the roster, is starting at WLB. Leodis McKelvin and Ashton Youboty are starting on the corners.

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