Inside the Bills - Aug 4

Scott for Whitner
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:35 PM ET

SCOTT FOR WHITNER: Bryan Scott filled in for Donte Whitner. I think the defensive staff really liked some of the things he did defensively for the Bills last year. He's a veteran player that knows his way around the defensive backfield and can hit up at the line as he has a linebacker build.

That being said I thought John Wendling had a good day on special teams and defense. He had some good run fits and was active in the pass game working with the second defense while Scott ran with the ones.

No offense to those guys, but I think everyone hopes Whitner is back to work soon.

Answering some questions
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:20 PM ET | Link

ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS: Got some time before I turn in for the night, so here are some more questions and answers from Bills nation. If you have questions you can email me at
Q - I know when Derrick Dockery signed here one of his main reasons he said was to play next to Jason Peters. Has Derrick tried getting in contact with Jason at all, and also is this something that normally happens during hold outs when players try to talk to each other? Or is mainly a hands off policy with player contact with holdouts and they let the FO take care of it?

A - Dockery did text back and forth very briefly, but it had nothing to do with Jason's contract. That's kind of the taboo subject among players. Just check in see how the guy is doing, tell him what he's missing if he wants to know and leave it at that. His business is his business is how most players handle it.

Q -  Chances are there are nothing new on this front but does it seem that the FO is still being proactive on trying to get Evans signed to an Extension? Not only would it lock in our young #1 WR but it might be a way of telling Peters to get to camp if he wants a new deal.
A - No debating that Evans has handled his contract situation with aplomb while Peters is drawing an unnecessary line in the sand. If he comes to camp at least discussions would be initiated. Not saying he'd get a new deal this year, but you never know.

Q - when Turk was hired as the offensive coordiantor he said he had some ideas to get Lee Evans the ball more. I was just wondering has he been lining up the slot more or sent in motion more, or maybe even used on some screen passes?

A - Haven't seen a lot of that to this point, but installation is still taking place offensively. There are plans to move him around in the scheme as Schonert wants all the receivers to know all of the wideout positions. Even though we've heard coordinators say they're going to move the top wideout around and don't, I think Schonert is a straight shooter, so I anticipate seeing it at some point.

Q - There have been some posts on the boards that Trent seems to be struggling. Is there any truth to this? How does he look to you? I had heard a comment that he didn't look great in the one night practice, but they were trying some new plays. Hopefully this is the case.
A - Trent has looked pretty solid to me. His decision making on the whole has been very good. He's earned praise from Schonert for where he's been going with the ball. There have only been a few times when the defense really crosses him up. All things considered I think he's done pretty well throughout camp. I think fans that come only one night put too much stock in one practice. There are 37 practices at camp counting walk throughs. I know fans don't have the luxury of taking the body of work out here, but he's done well overall in my opinion.
Q - How about the back-up lineman, with Peters out still - is Felton getting any work at RT? RG? any other guys moving around?

Does Chambers look that much better on the right side or do we hope for a waiver wire upgrade?

A - Felton is seeing most of his time at RG with the third unit. He hasn't played any tackle to this point. No other guys have moved around much other than Matt Murphy who has played both right and left tackle. As for Chambers, I think he's a better fit on the right side because of his brute strength. And as for waiver wire pickups I don't think at this point you're going to do better than Kirk Chambers.

Q - How has Blake Costanzo looked so far?

A - He's done well on run fits in my opinion. He was getting praise from his teammates for his play in the run front on Saturday. And Bobby April likes him a lot as a special teamer.

Bowen to have surgery in a week
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 8:45 PM ET

BOWEN TO HAVE SURGERY SOON: Bills injured rookie LB Alvin Bowen suffered a torn ligament in his right knee head coach Dick Jauron confirmed Monday afternoon.

"Right now we know the extent of the injury and surgery will be pushed off for a week for some rehab before that time when they get the repair done," Jauron said.

As for rehabbing after the injury Jauron would only go so far as to say it would take months for Bowen to fully recover. Torn ACLs usually take at least seven months of recovery time, so that would put him into March.

At this point the team has not yet put Bowen on injured reserve. If the team elects to do so it will create an open roster spot vacancy. Counting Bowen the Bills have the maximum of 80 men on their roster.

Bills may not see WRs Kelly or Thomas Saturday
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 2:01 PM ET

BILLS MAY NOT SEE WRS KELLY OR THOMAS SATURDAY: Two wide receivers that a lot of Bills fans would not have had a problem seeing in a Bills uniform likely won't play this weekend for the Redskins in Buffalo's first preseason contest Saturday.

Malcolm Kelly is meeting with famed orthopedist Dr. James Andrews to see if his knee needs a scope done, while Devin Thomas is still recovering from a hamstring injury suffered in the first week of camp.

Thomas has a better chance to play than Kelly, but neither are looking great for Saturday right now.

Buffalo plays the Redskins in D.C. Saturday with a 7pm kickoff.

Aaron Schobel returns to camp
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:27 AM ET

SCHOBEL BACK: Aaron Schobel is back at camp after being excused to deal with a death in the family. He's expected to be practicing this afternoon.

Spragan jersey number
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:25 AM ET

SPRAGAN JERSEY NUMBER: Bills LB Donnie Spragan will wear jersey number 57. Spragan is in attendance at the closed walk through this morning and will practice with teammates this afternoon.

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