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Inside the Bills - Aug 7

Hardy will play Saturday
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 9:06 PM ET

HARDY WILL PLAY SATURDAY: Dick Jauron confirmed that James Hardy will play Saturday in the preseason opener. Hardy was working his way back from a hamstring injury and came through the last two days of practice okay, so he'll be participating Saturday night.

Whitner, Reed, Crowell out for SaturdayPosted By: Chris Brown | Time: 9:02 PM ET

WHITNER, REED, CROWELL OUT FOR SATURDAY: Donte Whitner, Josh Reed and Angelo Crowell are all out for Saturday's preseason game at Washington.

"They won't even make the trip," said Dick Jauron. "They'll stay back and get treatment."

When asked if he was nervous about Crowell's knee flaring up again, Jauron said the following.

"I guess I could answer by saying I seem to always be nervous about everything, so I'm worried about it yeah," said Jauron. "I worry about everything."

Veterans participating
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 7:12 PM ET

VETS NOT PARTICIPATING: Angelo Crowell, Donte Whitner, Josh Reed, Copeland Bryan and Tim Massaquoi are not participating in tonight's practice.

Reed is currently not in attendance.

We'll have updates after practice.

Pennington to Dolphins?
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 4:38 PM ET

PENNINGTON TO DOLPHINS?: According to the Palm Beach Post's Edgar Thompson, Bill Parcells may just be interested in signing Chad Pennington, the QB he drafted in the first round back in 2000.

Pennington has been released by the Jets as they needed to clear $10M in cap space to accommodate Brett Favre's salary. Pennington saved them $6M.

While I understand that the QB situation is a mess in south Florida and Pennington is a cerebral quarterback that doesn't make mistakes, I don't know if he's the answer. Still he's probably an upgrade for them. Times are tough in Miami. 

Bills preseason opener on NFL Network
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:41 PM ET

BILLS PRESEASON OPENER ON NFL NETWORK: If you're outside the WNY television market Buffalo's first preseason game against Washington will be aired live on the NFL Network Saturday night in HD. It's part of a live doubleheader with the Cowboys and Chargers to follow at 10pm.

Wish Bills played Jets early
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:23 PM ET

WISH BILLS PLAYED JETS EARLY: Knowing Favre will need some time to get used to the differences within the Jets offensive system as well as the new offensive personnel around him (receivers, tight ends, backs) I kind of wish the Bills had the Jets in the first month of the season before Favre had all his ducks in a row. That way Buffalo could take advantage of Favre in unfamiliar surroundings.

Buffalo doesn't play the Jets until week 9. Talking to Donte Whitner this morning, he believes Favre will have full command of the Jets offense by then.

"By week 9 you'd expect him to have everything under wraps," said Whitner. "There are only so many things you can do in the game of football as far as routes and formations, so I'm sure he'll get that down fast, probably by week three or week four with the number of years he has in the league. I'm sure he'll be ready."

Yes, the Jets have got Favre and he's capable of lengthening their offense vertically in the passing game, but the Jets don't have a receiver that can stretch the field. Coles and Cotchery are possession wideouts. Baker and Bubba Franks are not going to be catching 20-yard passes down the seam.

Favre makes them better, but if they're better than 8-8 I'll be surprised. That's why I think that week 9 will still be a win for Buffalo. Week 15 at the Meadowlands will be a bit dicier however, with Favre in the mix. And that could be a win the Bills need down the stretch.

One thing's for sure, it's certainly going to make the division race a lot more interesting.

Reason for DE signingPosted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:06 AM ET

JONES SIGNING SIMILAR TO HAWTHORNE: The signing of DE Derrick Jones was likely motivated by Copeland Bryan's hamstring injury. With Bryan expected to miss up to another week of camp and this weekend's preseason game it was going to put more reps and stress on vets like Chris Kelsay, Aaron Schobel and Ryan Denney.

Dick Jauron doesn't like to do that with his vets this early in the preseason.

Injuries prompted the signing of WR C.J. Hawthorne and this is a similar thing.

Even though Jones is just arriving today I'd expect to see him get playing time. Saturday night.

Jones will wear #61.

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