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Inside the Bills - Aug 8

Another reason RAC approach is good
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:08 PM ET

ANOTHER REASON YAC APPROACH IS GOOD: I like Turk Schonert's relying on yards after the catch approach for a few reasons, several of which I stated in my story. But an additional reason to like it is because even in poor weather conditions (snow, wind, rain) you can execute it effectively. Short passes are higher percentage plays. Now the yards after the catch may not be as gaudy in the snow as in good field condition situations, but the Patriots have made it work on poor field conditions (e.g. Tuck rule game).

Plus the Bills have deep threats to victimize teams if they sit on short routes too much.

Answering some questionsPosted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:08 PM ET

ANSWERING QUESTIONS: On the road with the team and I've got some time to get to more of your questions. You can submit your queries on the Bills to me at

Q - How is Marcus Stroud looking for our team so far?  Pro-bowl-ish or decent or needs work?  I hope he is still the player he was in Jacksonville, that would come in handy!

A – While defensive and offensive line play is somewhat limited in the practice setting of training camp, there's no denying his power and ability to simply move offensive linemen out of his way. I'm also encouraged that his ankle has not been an issue. I'm expecting big things from that very big man.

Q - As far as players' contracts go, who is the person (people) that are responsible for deciding who gets extended or let go? More specifically, how much of an influence is Ralph Wilson in this process?

I know that can be a complicated process, but, for example, whose decision would it be not to re-sign Lee Evans, if we were to choose that path? Disagreements about money aside, who has the final say about how much money will be offered? Do they even contact Ralph about these things, or does Ralph hire people to make these decisions for him?

A – The Bills have always operated under a consensus approach, meaning that several members of the front office come together when making decisions on things like an extension for Lee Evans. Executives like Russ Brandon, Jim Overdorf, John Guy, Dick Jauron and Tom Modrak come together to formulate personnel decisions and then seek Mr. Wilson's input as I understand it. While Mr. Wilson strongly weighs all the recommendations he gets from his front office, he ultimately makes the final decision.

Q - Courtney Anderson is intriguing given his size, but I haven't heard anything about him in practice.  Is he injured or just not getting any reps because he's so far down on the depth chart?

A – Anderson has had a tough time getting reps with Derek Schouman, Robert Royal and even Derek Fine at times getting more reps in practice than Anderson. I think he will have to make a good showing in the preseason games otherwise he could wind up being a bubble player.

Q - I was just wondering how Kennard Cox is looking and where do u think he will be this season (FA, Bills, another team, practice squad)?

A – I think Kennard Cox has been caught in a bit of a numbers game at cornerback since Leodis McKelvin reported to camp. He's been running with the third team defense. That being said I think he's made a few plays here and there. I think if the roster at cornerback goes unchanged (no trades or major injuries) then there's a good chance he'll wind up on the practice squad simply because of the numbers at the position (7). But if he flashes in the preseason another NFL team might sign him off Buffalo's practice squad if it comes to that. Teams always need cornerbacks and at 6'0" 192 pounds he offers uncommon size for the position.

What Evans looks for in Hardy
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 8:32 PM ET

WHAT EVANS WILL LOOK FOR IN HARDY: With the first preseason game of James Hardy's career expected to take place in less than 24 hours, assuming his hamstring doesn't tighten up on him Saturday night, veteran wideout Lee Evans will be watching to see how the rookie comes through it.

"This game will be a big learning process for him, they always say that one of the biggest learning steps comes from the first and the second game," said Evans. "This first game will be good for him, to be able to get in there and see what the game is like, get a feel for the game hopefully, if he plays and then move forward from there."

Hardy though still a bit unsure about his hamstring following Thursday night's practice has been appreciative of Evans' guidance.

"I just want to come out and get better each and every practice, and watch film and just grow as an individual, and follow Lee's (Evans) lead," said Hardy. "He helps me each and every practice along with Trent (Edwards), and I just wanted to progress each and every practice and I think I've done that thus far."

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