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Inside the Bills - Jul 29

Glenn to Dolphins?
Posted By: Chris Brown 11:55 PM ET

GLENN TO DOLPHINS?: According to a couple of published reports, WR Terry Glenn, recently released by the Cowboys is about to sign with the Dolphins.

I don't really see this as a big signing. Glenn is coming off of two surgeries on his right knee and while he did come back and play in the regular season finale and playoff game last year, I think he won't be a huge factor for Miami.

The offense has too much growing to do where maximizing what Glenn has to offer will be difficult. Granted Glenn had a pair of 1,000-yard season in Dallas, but that was in a dynamic and ultra-talented offense. His QB in Miami is still undetermined and the receiver opposite him is nowhere close to the caliber of Terrell Owens.

I just don't see a ton of production coming from him, especially this year.

A deterrent for Peters holdout?
Posted By: Chris Brown 11:05 PM ET

A DETERRENT FOR PETERS HOLDOUT?: St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jim Thomas brought up an interesting part of the CBA concerning holdouts reporting to the team. There's a clause in Article XVIII that states in part that

A player shall not receive an Accrued Season for any League Year in which the player is under contract to a Club and in which he failed to report to such Club at least 30 days prior to the first regular season game of that season...

So in the case of Jason Peters or Steven Jackson, if they wanted to make sure they got their accrued season for their league seniority and pension benefits they would have to report by Aug. 8.

This however isn't really enough of an impetus to get Peters to camp by that date in my opinion because it doesn't really affect him. He's expecting to get a long term deal.

So in the unlikely event that there's no new agreement following the opt out by owners of the current CBA it would take six years to get to free agency instead of four as it is now. But Peters would presumably be under contract anyway making the six year issue moot for him.

So while it's an interesting CBA nugget it probably won't change the stalemate that exists right now with the Peters holdout and the Jackson holdout for that matter.  

Simpson sitting
Posted By: Chris Brown 9:45 PM ET

SIMPSON SITTING: Ko Simpson is no longer taking practice reps as he appears to have tweaked surgically repaired ankle. It doesn't appear to be serious as he is walking under his own power and still watching practice. He's discussing what happened with the trainers.

Losman and Crowell not participating
Posted By: Chris Brown 9:44 PM ET

LOSMAN AND CROWELL NOT PARTICIPATING: As reported earlier today J.P. Losman's thumb injury will keep him out of tonight's pads practice. He suffered the injury on a follow through when his hand struck an offensive lineman in the pocket.

Angelo Crowell also is not practicing. He has a light wrap on his left knee and is standing on the sidelines watching practice. will have more details after practice.

Barnes is doing well
Posted By: Chris Brown 4:25 PM ET

BARNES IS DOING WELL: With interest in the Bills fullback since it's a position that was re-introduced to the offense I can tell you that Barnes had a pretty good day Monday when the pads went on. He can deliver a blow. He even had the old school Sam Gash neck roll going.

The interesting thing is Dick Jauron said yesterday he won't be the only player lining up at that position. Some of the tight ends will be lined up there at times as well.

"They'll all know the fullback position," said Jauron of his tight ends. "Two of them, we anticipate, will play a big role there at some time. I would anticipate you'll see them playing it. It is my anticipation that with different groupings on the field, in other words, we could go with two tight ends and end up in a two-back set. The way we look at it going in is that they'll all kind of be interchangeable and then we'll see what happens, who proves to be real good at certain things, who proves not to be, those kind of things we'll discover in camp as we move along."

The two tight ends expected to line up there are Derek Schouman and Derek Fine.

A typical day
Posted By: Chris Brown 4:17 PM ET

A TYPICAL DAY: A lot of you have asked me about what goes on with the players when they're not practicing. After eating breakfast meetings begin around 8:30 and run for almost 90 minutes between special teams, offense and defense.

On Monday for example they went right to the practice field first for a special teams walk through and then regular practice until just after 1pm.

Then they had lunch and got a break in the afternoon since there was only one practice Monday. After dinner there were more meetings for close to three hours where they review practice tape and go over installation for the next practice.

Then there's an evening snack period and lights are usually out by 11.

If there are two practices in the day the schedule is crammed a bit more.

Email me your questions at

Hamdan vs. Baker
Posted By: Chris Brown 4:14 PM ET

HAMDAN VS. BAKER: I'm really worried when this early in camp fans are asking me about the competition for 3rd string QB, but here goes. To this point Hamdan has received more reps than Baker with the 3rd string unit. Both have good arms, though I believe Hamdan's is a bit stronger. Hamdan generally scans the field well and gets the ball out. In defense of Baker he has a bit steeper learning curve since Hamdan knew a lot of the scheme from last year that's carried over while Baker did not coming in.

A lot of course will depend on how each of them fare in the preseason games.

On Lindell
Posted By: Chris Brown 4:03 PM ET

ON LINDELL: To respond to a question I received about Rian Lindell and why there's no competition for him in the form of another kicker in camp is because he's been lights out the past two seasons. Go check the stats.

Last year alone he set the team record for most consecutive field goals made with 18, he holds the team record for career FG percentage (84.17%), he's never missed an extra point and over the last two seasons he's 4-5 from 50-yards plus.

He's also been good on 76.5% of his attempts from 40 yards plus over the past three seasons which is good for the third highest percentage in the league and he kicks in one of the worst weather cities in the league.

He also had the game-winning field goal as time expired in a come back win at Washington last season.

So competition for Lindell seems like a waste of time to me.

Answering some questions
Posted By: Chris Brown 3:53 PM ET

ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS: Just wanted to rip off three answers to some questions for me on the message board.

Q - How is J.P. Losman interacting with teammates now that Trent Edwards is comfortably the starter and leader of this team?

A - Truthfully J.P. is handling it as best he can, but it's very hard to go from being the man with your face on downtown billboards to the backup in one year. That's a tough pill for anyone to swallow. He knows his role and seems to have accepted it, but I think we all know he'd rather be starting.

Trent says their relationship hasn't changed, but that's only from his perspective. J.P. isn't much for talking right now and I suppose you can understand why. He's obviously not happy with the situation, but he's playing the role of good soldier.

Q - Wondering if you're privy to whether or not Dick will be running a more "General Patton like" camp this year? Seems as if his training camps are a bit "soft". Too much "thudding" and not enough full speed collisions. Another slow start this year will most definitely make a play-off run all the more difficult in the "top heavy" AFC. Don't want anyone to get hurt but this is football!

A - Well you saw what happened to the Redskins when they started right away in pads. Devin Thomas pulled a hamstring, Phillip Daniels was lost for the season, etc. I think there are very few coaches that take that hard core approach any more. Even Mangini with the Jets is lightening up. Plus with no NFL Europe exemptions there are fewer players in camp than ever before.

Q - How has Ko Simpson been looking in camp? Is he running first team free-safety? There seems to be a log jam at safety after Whitner.

A - Simpson has done okay. Nothing spectacular to this point. George Wilson is pushing him, but Simpson has gotten all the first team reps to this point. Wilson is running 2nd team. Each of them has an interception thus far in camp. Bryan Scott is running 2nd team behind Whitner.

Hardy update
Posted By: Chris Brown 3:50 PM ET

HARDY UPDATE: Being asked by several Bills fans if James Hardy is taking reps with the first team. He's been mixed in from time to time, but they have been few and far between thus far.

Hardy is still working on getting the routes down in terms of reading man or zone and adjusting accordingly. Tyke Tolbert came down on him hard for not recognizing a zone coverage one time on Monday, then criticized for not blocking effectively on a run play.

But today during some brief 7-on-7 in the closed walk through practice, he was praised for his route running. I think he has to still put a few things together before they give him more time with the ones.

As for the slot receiver role both Roscoe Parrish and Josh Reed have seen time inside.

Players gearing up for night practice
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:08 PM ET

PLAYERS GEARING UP FOR NIGHT PRACTICE: The players seem to enjoy the night practices at training camp as much as the fans. One of the newest Bills LB Kawika Mitchell, hasn't experienced one at St. John Fisher, but has done it with one of his previous teams.

"I heard it's a fun night," said Mitchell. "We did it a couple of times when I was in Kansas City and that's what I love. A large part of the reason I chose Buffalo is because of the fans. It'll be nice to have them out here at practice, even though they've been here watching us already. But maybe they'll cheer a little bit louder at night."

Bills QB Trent Edwards admits playing under the lights makes things different.

"It is a little bit more exciting for the players to try to make things happen at night. The lights are on and maybe guys get the competitive juices flowing a little bit more than usual."

Daytona 500 champ coming to Bills camp
Posted By: Chris Brown 11:45 AM ET

DAYTONA 500 CHAMP COMING TO BILLS CAMP: Ryan Newman, driver of the No. 12 car in NASCAR and winner of the 2008 Daytona 500, will be making a stop at Bills Training Camp tomorrow (Wed. 7/30). The NASCAR star will watch the Bills' afternoon practice, which is scheduled to run 1:00 PM – 3:05 PM. Newman is in town promoting the upcoming Centurion Boats at The Glen, taking place at Watkins Glen International, August 7-10.

Newman actually has a link to one of Buffalo's offensive linemen. Newman's jack man, Bryan White was a college teammate and roommate of guard Brad Butler at the University of Virginia.

Losman may not throw tonight
Posted By: Chris Brown|11:35 AM ET

LOSMAN MAY NOT THROW TONIGHT: J.P. Losman was on the field with his teammates for a closed walk through practice this morning, but did not take any snaps in a 7-on-7 period. Gibran Hamdan stepped in to take the second team reps.

Losman appeared to injure the thumb on his throwing hand when it made contact with one of his offensive linemen on a follow through after a pass in practice Monday. It doesn't appear to be serious, but he had his thumb taped up today.

No word on whether Losman will throw tonight, but the thumb is critical to grip on the ball, velocity and accuracy so if the thumb is sore he may not be able to participate.

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