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Inside the Bills - Jul 30

Injury update
Posted By: Chris Brown 3:39 PM ET

INJURY UPDATE: Aaron Schobel was excused for a death in the family. Angelo Crowell did not participate. Ko Simpson participated in practice after leaving Tuesday night's session early.

Not participating were Steve Johnson (knee) and Shaun Nua left practice early. He had his left calf wrapped during practice, but no word as to whether that was the injury he suffered.

None of the injuries are considered serious according to Dick Jauron.

Everett to appear at NASCAR racePosted By: Chris Brown 3:34 PM ET

EVERETT TO APPEAR AT NASCAR RACE: Former Bills TE Kevin Everett will serve as the grand marshall at the for the Zippo 200 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Watkins Glen. Daytona 500 Champ Ryan Newman who was on hand at Bills camp today said it's always great to bring different sports together.

The race is on Aug. 9 and serving as grand marshall Everett will shout the famous words, 'Gentlemen start your engines!'

Simpson to give it a go in afternoonPosted By: Chris Brown 12:05 PM ET

SIMPSON TO GIVE IT A GO IN AFTERNOON: Bills free safety Ko Simpson plans to give it a shot at practice Wednesday afternoon after leaving practice early due to a pins and needles sensation in his surgically repaired ankle.

"They say it's okay, I just had a little stinger that feels like when you hit your funny bone," said Simpson. "It was my first contact in about a year so I'm just going to fight back."

When asked if he's going to practice this afternoon Simpson told

"I'm gonna try." will keep you updated on his progress this afternoon.

The George Wilson beard question
Posted By: Chris Brown 12:03 PM ET

THE GEORGE WILSON BEARD QUESTION: Believe it or not fans have been asking that I find out the situation with George Wilson's beard this year after he grew it to extraordinary lengths last season.

Currently sporting a neatly trimmed beard at camp I asked Wilson what his plans are for the chin coverage.

"I do plan on growing it out if the weather permits," he said.

Wilson is waiting for the fall weather to arrive before growing it long.

Losman took snaps
Posted By: Chris Brown 12:02 PM ET

LOSMAN TOOK SNAPS: Bills QB J.P. Losman took snaps in the morning walk through under center as he shed the wrap on the jammed thumb on his throwing hand.

There were no passes thrown in the closed morning walk through, but it looks as though Losman will be ready to participate in the afternoon pads practice.

Schobel excused
Posted By: Chris Brown 12:01 PM ET

SCHOBEL EXCUSED: Aaron Schobel had an excused absence for the morning walk through. It's anticipated that he'll be back on the field for the afternoon practice.

Schobel absent during morning walk-thru
Posted By: Chris Brown 11:07 AM ET

SCHOBEL NOT IN ATTENDANCE: Aaron Schobel is absent at the team's closed walk through this morning. We'll have details on why as they become available.

Walker at left tackle?
Posted By: Chris Brown 10:36 AM ET

WALKER REPPING AT LEFT TACKLE: After getting a couple of reps on the left side in one-on-one pass rush drills last night, Langston Walker is lining up at left tackle in the closed morning walk through.

Kirk Chambers is lining up at right tackle. We'll have more on this story later today.

Email me your take at

Losman health update
Posted By: Chris Brown 10:29 AM ET

WRAP OFF LOSMAN'S THUMB: At the closed morning walk through J.P. Losman was not wearing the wrap on his jammed thumb. We'll let you know if he throws at all.

Answering fan questionsPosted By: Chris Brown 9:53 AM ET

ANSWERING FAN QUESTIONS: Here are some more answers to questions from the Bills faithful before I get started on my assignments today.

Q - How is the right side of the Offensive Line looking and do you think there will be more focus/balance on running off Butler and Walker this year?

Any chance the Bills are looking for an insurance policy at LT around the league - should the Peters situation stay the same or take a turn for the worse?

A - There's no question that Walker and Butler developed some good chemistry last season. Running right wasn't always as successful as running left last year for Buffalo, but I think if they spend a second season together there should be improvement in that area from the men up front. The only reason I say if is because the Peters situation could compromise that pairing.

As for an insurance policy at LT, I'll have to take a look out there, but I think we can safely say at this point in the game finding a quality LT is pretty remote. But the Bills do have an empty roster spot to use.

Q - Does Trent look like he is comfortable with longer range passes to you? He didn't when I was there but it was only the first day.

A - Trent does seem more comfortable. I think that's due in large part to his comfort level with his receiving corps. Last year when he stepped into the starting lineup he was getting reps with the starters in the spring, training camp and the early portions of the 2007 season, so it took time for him to get that timing down. Longer throws are lower percentage plays because of that, but now with a greater feel for his wideouts I feel he is more comfortable and more effective in that area.

Q - How do Marshawn and Freddy look behind Barnes? Comfortable? Does it look like it works? Or is it just too early to tell?

A - Still a little early. I will say that Barnes isn't leading Lynch or Jackson through the hole as much as one might think. The sets in the backfield have been very multiple and Derek Schouman and Derek Fine are still lining up in the fullback position at times. Not they're not lead blocking in most cases, but they will motion out of that position a lot. I think the preseason will give us a better sense as to how Lynch and Jackson feel behind a FB.

Q - FB from army is the man, is he in camp???? if not, who will be FB?

A - Mike Viti was released by the club prior to camp. Darian Barnes is the starting FB right now with Jonathan Evans behind him.

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