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Inside the Bills - Sep 12

Jags injury update
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:15 PM ET

JAGS INJURY UPDATE: Here's the latest on the Jags as of Friday afternoon.

Out are C Brad Meester and WR Troy Williamson.

Questionable are WR Jerry Porter, CB Scott Starks and OL Todd Wade

Probable are TE Greg Estandia, WR Matt Jones, DT Derek Landri, S Reggie Nelson, WR Dennis Northcutt, G Uche Nwaneri and OL/TE Charles Spencer.

Jauron named NFL Coach of the Week
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:35 PM ET

JAURON NAMED NFL COACH OF WEEK: Well done Bills fans in voting for your head coach. Dick Jauron was named NFL Coach of the Week as he was one of three finalists up for the award based on his team's Week 1 performance.

Jauron led the Bills to a 34–10 win over the Seattle last Sunday, marking Buffalo's first win on Kickoff Weekend since 2005. The 34 points scored were the most the Bills had scored on a Kickoff Weekend since 1993 and posted 338 total yards.

The Bills defense held Seattle to 19% conversion rate on third downs, only 3.8 yards per offensive play and held Seattle to 85 rushing yards and to only 10 points.

Special teams produced two touchdowns – one on a Roscoe Parrish 63-yard punt return and a 19-yard touchdown pass from Brian Moorman to Ryan Denney on a fake field goal play. The kickoff coverage unit also forced a fumble on a Seattle kick return.

Freestyle Friday
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:11 PM ET

FREESTYLE FRIDAY: The Bills locker room was again rapping and rolling so to speak with Freestyle Friday, a regular season tradition started by Robert Royal and Melvin Fowler who solicit fellow teammates to partake in a freestyle rap session while Fowler's IPOD lays down beats.

This week's participants included Gibran Hamdan, Marcus Stroud and Leodis McKelvin. Stroud got a pretty good response from the teammates within earshot.

Crowell to get second opinion this weekend
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:09 PM ET

CROWELL TO GET 2ND OPINION THIS WEEKEND: At this point Angelo Crowell has yet to have surgery on his injured knee that landed him on injured reserve.

"My understanding is he won't get a second opinion until this weekend, either Friday or Saturday," said head coach Dick Jauron. "And then he'll determine what he wants to do."

Window to bring Crowell back closed
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:07 PM ET

WINDOW TO BRING CROWELL BACK CLOSED: After seeing the Saints reach an injury settlement with injured DT Hollis Thomas thereby making him a free agent and taking him off their injured reserve list, several Bills fans have asked me via e-mail if the Bills could have done this with Angelo Crowell.

The answer is the Bills could have done it up until yesterday, but the five day window to do it closed at that time. However, it's not as clear cut as it might seem.

Yes, it would make Crowell an instant free agent enabling him to sign with any NFL team including the Bills when he was healthy again. The language of the injury settlement however, is the key.

A player can return to the team only after the number of weeks specified in the injury settlement plus an additional six weeks.

For example, if the settlement Hollis Thomas signed was for 5 weeks he would not be able to return to the Saints until the week 12 game due to the additional six week stipulation. 

I believe the unpredictable nature of Crowell's injury and rehab post-surgery likely removed any benefit for the Bills of taking such action, while also exposing him to 31 other teams prior to the free agency period in March.

Peters status will be made Saturday
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:26 PM ET

PETERS' STATUS WILL BE DETERMINED SATURDAY: Jason Peters practiced for a third straight day and though he's performed well, Dick Jauron has still elected to wait until Saturday to decide whether he'll activate him for Sunday.

"Jason had another good day," said Jauron after practice Friday. "I thought he performed pretty well. We'll just take all the time we have on that."

Buffalo has until 4pm Saturday to activate Peters. He's currently still a roster exemption as the league gave the Bills two games to carry him as an extra player after he ended his holdout last Saturday.

Injury update
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:17 PM ET

BILLS INJURY UPDATE: Listed as out for Sunday is TE Derek Fine.

OL/TE Matt Murphy is listed as doubtful.

LB John DiGiorgio (back), DT John McCargo (back) and Roscoe Parrish (ribs/knee) are all listed as probable. All three practiced on Thursday and Friday.

As for McCargo's injury Dick Jauron said his back just tightened up earlier in the week, but he practiced fully on Friday.

Fan Friday 9-12
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:40 AM ET

FAN FRIDAY: Each Friday I'll be answering a handful of popular questions that I receive in my inbox from Bills fans to give you folks some feedback on the team. If you have a question you'd like to have answered in Fan Friday, just e-mail me at Here's the latest installment.

  1. Hi Chris,

Just wondering how Leodis feels about having Youboty named the nickel corner? I know how a lot of people had high expectations of him being the team's first round pick.

Derek, Dundee NY

CB: It has Leodis naturally very motivated to improve his game defensively to get on the field. The slot position requires an experienced and physical player. McKelvin obviously had the disadvantage of being a rookie. He's working to get stronger. If he can continue to advance his game he may be able to push Youboty for the nickel role. We'll see.

  1. I'm glad to see that Turk Schonert is using a true fullback in his offense. However, I notice that they cut Jonathan Evans and seem to be without a replacement if Barnes gets hurt. I thought they might add one to the practice squad or pick up one that got cut, like Andrew Pinnock of San Diego, but I know they've filled up their practice squad. Do you know who they would use if Barnes gets injured?  Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Thomas H. Olney

CB: I think in an emergency it would be either Derek Schouman or Derek Fine. If Barnes were lost for the season or the long term then a roster move might be made to fill the void and that would likely include a true fullback and I'd imagine Jonathan Evans would be on that list of considerations.

  1. Hi Chris,

My question regards Gibran Hamden, our third string QB and the most popular Arab-American NFL player on the planet. He started and played the entire last preseason game for the Bills. Does this mean he is the incumbent to play backup to Trent Edwards in 2009, when, in all likelihood, Losman signs with another team? How do you assess his play and his chances of moving up to second string next season?


CB: I think there's a chance that could happen, but it won't occur without competition. I believe the Bills will bring in legitimate talent to compete with Gibran in 2009 and may the best quarterback win.

  1. Hi Chris,

I understand that the Bills are still in contract talks with Lee "Mr. Professional" Evans.  My question:  Is this situation turning more into "if" an agreement gets reached with him or "when" an agreement gets reached with him.

He's a great player, but more importantly, a refreshing player for how he approaches the game in the midst of his contract situation.  I hope we lock him up long term.


CB: I believe it's a matter of when and not if. The two sides have worked hard to reach a long term accord. Both sides have been professional and flexible. I'd anticipate something getting done sooner rather than later.

  1. What is the current status of Mario Haggan and Anthony Hargrove?  I know Hargrove was suspended for the 2008 and I also know Haggan is suspended, but I don't know how long.  Are they technically with the team or did Buffalo formally release them?

Curt Maras

CB: Both players were unrestricted free agents heading into this past offseason and neither was re-signed by Buffalo. Haggan is serving a four game suspension. A team can sign him now, but he would not be able to play until Week 5.

  1. Why would we draft a first rounder without the intent of starting him? We already knew we had our cornerbacks set with Greer, Youboty and McGee. Leodis is supposed to get picked 12th overall and sit?


CB: The Bills lacked a lot of depth at the cornerback position at the time of the draft. Ashton Youboty was still a bit of an unknown commodity due to some extenuating circumstances, Jason Webster and Kiwaukee Thomas were not going to be re-signed and Will James wasn't a lock to make the roster. So there was no question cornerback was a need position for the Bills, but the starters and Youboty all stepped forward and has solid preseasons. They earned the right to start. Could that change over the course of the year as McKelvin improves? Possibly.

As for your argument that the 12th pick in the draft shouldn't sit let me remind you of the top 15 picks there are five other players besides McKelvin that are not starters. They are in order in which they were selected Darren McFadden, Vernon Gholston, Derrick Harvey, Keith Rivers and Jonathan Stewart. So McKelvin is not alone.

  1. I assume the Bills are trying to ease James Hardy into the lineup; when should we start to see more of him?

Mike Allen

CB: I anticipate Hardy being used more and more with each passing week. I think it's really a weekly test every week to see how much he can handle each Sunday. As long as Hardy continues to execute his assignments consistently I think he'll get more and more time. Really when you think about it there weren't many red zone instances where he could get on the field. When they got to the 21-yard line, after two plays Marshawn ran it in and when they got the ball back late on the Seattle 30, Edwards hit Royal on a one-play scoring drive. I think in some red zone opportunities you'll absolutely see more of him in the coming weeks.

  1. Hey Chris,

I am looking for the game ball award poll. Are we not doing it this year? I really liked the part where fans could ask the players questions! Thanks for your time-


CB: Unfortunately that promotion has been discontinued. In an effort to allow you the opportunity to connect with the players in the same fashion we've added a new feature this year called Marcus' Mailbag, where Marcus Stroud answers questions from the fans each week. Feel free to drop him an email at If there is a way to create other direct fan interaction with players that are agreeable to it we'll be sure to bring it to you. 

  1. Chris-
    While the injury of Tom Brady is unfortunate for the league, do you agree with the outcry from the Patriots labeling Bernard Pollard as a dirty player because of the low hit?  I think it's totally ludicrous especially in light of Vince Wilfork's hit on J.P. Losman last year that resulted in a $12,000 fine.  If you compare the hits, Pollard lunged at the quarterback from the ground and tried to wrap up his legs to bring him down.  Wilfork blatantly stuck out his forearm as he was in the air and stuck it into J.P.'s legs.  Also, Pollard has been very apologetic about what happened and has handled the criticism with class and respect.

Matt Damico

CB: Couldn't agree with you more. Pollard did not deliver a flying elbow like Wilfork did to Losman last year. Pollard was already taken to the ground by a Patriots player and he went to get up again to grab at Brady's ankles. Any other player likely would have done the same seeing Brady still in the pocket with the ball. And most of all Pollard has been apologetic, Wilfork was not and never apologized to Losman despite claiming that he tried to get in touch with Losman. He never did. Not that Losman wanted an apology anyway.

  1. What kind of hydration regiment does the training staff have our players on this week? Going into Florida in mid-September can be tough on guys who are used to upstate NY weather. Getting enough fluids in the body doesn't start on Friday, either. It's too late by then.
    Jeff, St. Bonaventure

CB: The hydration process starts at the beginning of the week. The strength and conditioning staff along with the training staff encourage forcing fluids as much as they can through the course of the week. The players are used to this regimen since they go through the same thing every season to prepare for the Miami game. They'll be ready. This is one of the best staffs in the league when it comes to hydration. As long as the players follow their instructions there should not be any issues.

Bills Backers to be in force in J-ville
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:25 AM ET

BILLS BACKERS TO BE OUT IN FORCE SUNDAY: Bills Backers Jacksonville is hosting a monster tailgate party Sunday. For those Bills fans attending the game that have not heard yet, there will be a huge get together in Lot V on Sunday morning.

They're expecting up to 1,000 Bills fans for the tailgate so get there early. And be loud on Sunday when that Jacksonville offense is on the field!

Practice report
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:18 AM ET

FRIDAY PRACTICE REPORT: The entire Bills roster is practicing today. None of the players that appeared on the injury report this week are sitting out.

Jason Peters also for the first time this week participated in the first series of reps at left tackle with the first unit.

Week 1 Fantasy Challenge winner
September 12, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 9:06 AM ET

WEEK 1 FANTASY CHALLENGE WINNER: The Bills season ticket holder that took week 1 honors in our Season Ticket Holder Fantasy Challenge was Greg Crowley who came in first place with 145 points.

He won himself a $50 gift card to the Bills Store compliments of the Buffalo Bills. He also made my week 1 score of 88 points look puny. Thanks a lot Greg.

When you sign up all you have to do is submit a fantasy lineup each week based on a point system. They show you the matchups and everything so you can get a lineup done in about 2 minutes. And it's free. Plus you can see if you can beat me or Steve Tasker who is also playing.

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