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Inside the Bills - Sep 13

Easy decision on Peters
September 13, 2008

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 4:09 PM ET 

EASY DECISION ON PETERS: The decision to activate Jason Peters had to be one of the easiest ones in Dick Jauron's career, especially after he reported in top physical condition.

Obviously, seeing how he executed the plays in practice was important too, but the bottom line is Peters make the Bills a better team on Sunday and that's really all a coach needs to know.

I think it's a safe assumption that Peters will be starting, and that's important this week. Veteran Paul Spicer is one of the most physical right ends in the league. Not to say that Walker would not have been able to mash with Spicer, but I like having Walker on the other side with Reggie Hayward.

It'll be interesting to see if Peters' return to the lineup puts a charge in the rest of his offensive teammates.

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