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Inside the Bills - Sep 5

Fan Friday 
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 4:43 PM ET

FAN FRIDAY: Each Friday lead journalist Chris Brown will answer a handful of popular questions that he receives in his inbox from Bills Backers to stay in touch with the fans throughout the offseason. If you have a question you'd like to have answered in Fan Friday just e-mail Chris at Here's the latest installment.

  1. If the Bills defense stays healthy and with our additions, do you see the Bills defense as a top 10 defense in the NFL ?

Thanks, Tim H. Spencer, NY

CB: I think the Bills defense is definitely capable of finishing in the top half of the league. Vaulting into the top 10 I believe is attainable, but that's a giant leap from last year to this year. Now minus Crowell that task got tougher. I'm thinking somewhere between 12th and 15th, which would be a big accomplishment in light of where they were a season ago.

  1. Dear Chris,

Who are you most excited to see play this season?  Who do you think will make the biggest impact based on what you have seen in Preseason and Training Camp?


CB: I'm very interested to see Marcus Stroud play. The guy is a force and I've seen what he's capable of, but to see it on a Sunday in a Bill uniform is exciting for me. I think he's he guy that could have the biggest impact.

  1. Hi Chris,

I'm a Bills fan trapped in Texas.  Had a question about kick you think McKelvin displaces McGee as kick returner, or no?  I'd hate to see them move McGee because he's so good at it, but I can see them wanting to keep him fresher.  McKelvin seems very feast or famine in the preseason as a returner.



CB: I think that McKelvin at times will spell McGee to return kicks, but I think it's still McGee's job. You're right McGee is still one of the best at it, but the Bills do have an uncommon luxury when it comes to returners.

  1. Chris,

Has McCargo taken a step back or is he just developing very slowly? In no way am I knocking Kyle Williams but shouldn't McCargo, being a first round draft pick in his third season, be expected to win a starting position outright?


CB: I suppose if you've taken a player in the first round you'd expect him to be starting for you by his third season. But Kyle Williams was a great value pick in the fifth round and is so consistent and effective he has simply outplayed McCargo. McCargo will still be a part of the rotation inside, but he's got some vets ahead of him now in Stroud and Johnson.

  1. Chris

I just read am article on Edwards and Evans stating they believe they are ready. My question to you is how many pass play beyond 20 yards will be called. Yes I am still on the arm strength of our QB.

I have read a few articles that the Bills are totally west coast and will call a lot of short pass (90%). You thought on the passing game.

Many thanks


CB: I believe while there are west coast timing principles in Buffalo's offense under Turk Schonert that he will take some more risks than we saw from his predecessor in terms of play calling. I think there was some evidence of this in the preseason. Concerning Edwards arm I don't believe he ever had a problem making all the throws and with his rigorous offseason training in which he's gained 10-12 pounds of muscle, I think his arm is that much stronger. I think Schonert will really have a mixed bag with being unpredictable the focus in the passing game.

Good news on the Peters front

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 4:06 PM ET

ENCOURAGING NEWS ON THE PETERS FRONT: Obviously if in fact Peters shows up at One Bills Drive on Saturday a decision will need to be made concerning the roster in the coming week.

He won't play this Sunday so a decision won't have to be made immediately, but when he is put back on the roster another player must be waived to make room for him on the 53-man squad.

Seahawks injury report

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:52 PM ET

SEAHAWKS BRANCH OUT FOR SUNDAY: On the Seahawks injury report, WR Deion Branch is listed as out for the game as his recovery from knee surgery just didn't come around in time for the opener. Bobby Engram is also out.

Doubtful for Sunday is RT Sean Locklear. Ray Willis is expected to start in his place.

Probable for Sunday are DE Baraka Atkins and LB Lofa Tatupu, who said earlier this week that he would play Sunday.

Starting DT Rocky Bernard and nickel corner Jordan Babineaux are both suspended for the opener by the league for violating the NFL personal conduct and substance abuse policy respectively.

Friday injury update

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:50 PM ET

POZ LISTED AS QUESTIONABLE: In the Friday injury report Paul Posluszny is listed as questionable, but talking to him after practice today he sounded ready to go on Sunday. Considering how long he's been waiting to play I think he'd play on one foot at this point, but he looked to be moving around well and I expect him to play.

DT Spencer Johnson is listed as probable.

Out for the game are Matt Murphy, Derek Fine and Angelo Crowell.

Peters news

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 2:44 PM ET

PETERS NEWS: NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting that Jason Peters will report to the team today. We will confirm this as soon as possible.

Poz comments on his ankle

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 2:00 PM ET

POZ ON HIS ANKLE: Middle linebacker Paul Posluszny practiced fully on Friday after sitting out Thursday with an ankle injury. Posluszny confirmed after Friday's practice that he's ready to go for Sunday.

"It was just a little tweak nothing major," said Posluszny. "One day off was all I needed and now it's completely back to normal."

Spencer Johnson also practiced fully. Derek Fine and Matt Murphy were the only non-participants. Blake Costanzo practiced after being re-signed and could play on special teams Sunday according to head coach Dick Jauron.

Crowell seeking 2nd opinion

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:40 PM ET

CROWELL SEEKING SECOND OPINION: According to Bills head coach Dick Jauron, LB Angelo Crowell still has not has surgery on his injured knee as he's seeking a second opinion.

That still doesn't change his status of being on injured reserve. His 2008 season is effectively over.

Posluszny returns to practice

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:55 AM ET

POZ BACK PRACTICING: Paul Posluszny is back practicing after sitting out Thursday with a sore ankle.

Not practicing are Matt Murphy and Derek Fine.

Seneca Wallace at WR?

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:27 AM ET

SENECA WALLACE AT WR?: Head coach Mike Holmgren is downplaying it, but backup QB Seneca Wallace might be an answer for Seattle's head coach at the wide receiver position where experience is sorely lacking with Deion Branch unlikely to play, Bobby Engram out and Ben Obamanu on I-R.

Holmgren claims Wallace would only be used in an emergency, but word is he's been getting an awful lot of snaps at receiver this week. We shall see.

Costanzo is competent depth

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 10:23 AM ET

COSTANZO IS COMPETENT DEPTH: The Bills signing of Blake Costanzo to fill the spot left vacant by Crowell's I-R move makes sense. With two days before the opener you need someone that knows the defensive scheme inside and out. He's also a solid special teams player who was edged out for a roster spot by Jon Corto.

Costanzo was a more valued commodity than Donnie Spragan because he's younger and can cover more ground than Spragan who struggled in space.

Returned Seahawks tickets available

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 9:29 AM ET

LAST CHANCE TO ATTEND OPENER: If you still don't have tickets to the season opener Sunday you've still got a chance to make it to the game.

The Buffalo Bills ticket office just received a limited number of returned tickets from the Seattle Seahawks for this Sunday's home opener.

The tickets are $45 and located in the upper deck. Tickets can be purchased online through or by calling the Bills ticket office at 1-877-BB-TICKS (1-877-228-4257). Good luck.

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