Inside the Bills - Sep 7

Holmgren on Denney TD

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 6:20 PM ET

HOLMGREN ON DENNEY TD: Mike Holmgren's comments on the Ryan Denney fake FG touchdown were nothing unexpected. The Seattle head coach calls it like he sees it.

"Clearly it's someone who is not particularly concentrating on that particular play at that particular time," said Holmgren. "Because Denney is not a little guy, he's a big guy, so it's not like we shouldn't have seen him. I really don't know how they did it, but it worked nicely for them. It's embarrassing to us when a play like that works, but give them credit. They did a nice job with it."

And it's not the first time they've been fooled by the Bills on a fourth down. Most fans remember the fake QB sneak by Bledsoe back in '04 up in Seattle that he backed out of to throw a lateral to Willis McGahee for a 40-some odd yard TD.

Peters passes physical 
Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 5:27 PM ET

PETERS PASSED PHYSICAL: Dick Jauron has confirmed that Jason Peters has passed his physical and will begin practicing this week. As of right now he is not occupying a roster spot.

Parrish 1st to do it in back-to-back openers

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:54 PM ET

PARRISH 1ST TO DO IT IN BACK TO BACK OPENERS: Roscoe Parrish had a day of firsts Sunday, including becoming the first punt returner to have back-to-back punt return touchdowns in season openers. He had a punt return for a touchdown in the opener last season against Denver. This game is going to end much better for the Bills however.

Seattle asleep at the wheel

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:27 PM ET

SEATTLE ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL: Not only did no one see Ryan Denney on the left side of the formation, but they had only 10 players on the field until the last second.

Burleson out for the game

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:24 PM ET

BURLESON OUT FOR GAME: Seattle has lost Nate Burleson for the game after he suffered that non-contact knee injury on the last Seattle possession. The Seahawks now are down to their fifth and sixth wideouts as their starters.

Maurice Morris also suffered a knee injury and his return is questionable.

Everett reacts in return to field

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 3:06 PM ET

EVERETT REACTS IN RETURN TO FIELD: In accepting the Halas Award from the PFWA at halftime on the field at RWS, Kevin Everett was just yards from where the injury occurred, and got emotional as a result.

"It brought tears to my eyes to be honest," said Everett. "Especially at the beginning of the game while I was looking at that spot. But I've been blessed (through his recovery) and I just thank God every day."

Strong 'D' in first half

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 2:36 PM ET

STRONG 'D' IN FIRST HALF: Bills defense had five three-and-outs against Seattle attack on nine Seahawks possessions. Pretty good debut thus far for the group in '08.

Parrish all time leading punt returner

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 2:15 PM ET

PARRISH ALL TIME LEADING PUNT RETURNER: Roscoe Parrish is now the franchise's all-time career yardage punt return leader. He now has 1,095 surpassing previous record holder Jeff Burris (1,045).

DiGiorgio back from locker room

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 2:06 PM ET

DIGIORGIO BACK FROM LOCKER ROOM: John DiGiorgio has returned from the locker room and doesn't appear any worse for the wear.

DiGiorgio to locker room

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 2:02 PM ET

DIGIORGIO TO LOCKER ROOM: John DiGiorgio just went to the locker room. No word right now on what injury if any was suffered. We'll get you an update when we hear something.

Great blocking by Evans

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:38 PM ET

GREAT BLOCKING BY EVANS: Lee Evavns blocked a long time on that TD run by Lynch. That was good work by the wideout. Butler had a good seal block inside as well. Good play call to go with a run on 3rd-and-11.

Tom Brady injured in New England

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:24 PM ET

TOM BRADY INJURED IN NEW ENGLAND: Didn't see the play myself, but Tom Brady apparently suffered a leg injury in New England against the Chiefs.

Seattle front holding up well

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:20 PM ET

SEATTLE 'D' FRONT HOLDING UP WELL: Even without Rocky Bernard, Seattle's defensive front is holding up well thus far against the run.

Trainers looking at Walter Jones

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:10 PM ET

TRAINERS LOOKING AT WALTER JONES: The Seattle trainers are looking at Walter Jones left ankle after that first three and out by the Seahawks. He came up limping after the second down play on Seattle's first possession.

Seahawks timing off

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:08 PM ET

SEAHAWKS TIMING OFF: With Hasselbeck not playing much in the preseason and reserve receivers on the field, the timing is clearly off early for the Seahawks. Bills have to take advantage of that because Hasselbeck will eventually develop a rhythm. Defensive pressure was good early as well.

Short yardage an issue last year

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:05 PM ET
SHORT YARDAGE AN ISSUE LAST YEAR: Converting on short yardage was an issue for the offense last season. They did not get a good push on that 3rd-and-1 as Lynch was getting hit prior to the line of scrimmage.

Video tribute to Tim Russert

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 1:00 PM ET

VIDEO TRIBUTE TO TIM RUSSERT: Prior to the national anthem, the Bills presented a very nice video tribute to the late Tim Russert. It was very well done and earned a hearty applause from the fans in attendance.

McCargo inactive for first time

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 12:39 PM ET

MCCARGO INACTIVE FOR FIRST TIME: Seeing John McCargo inactive was a bit of a surprise for the opener today. While Kyle Williams and Spencer Johnson have been more consistent in the preseason, I thought a four-man rotation would be used by Bill Kollar during games this season.

Apparently not. McCargo has never been inactive in his Bills career until now. So while it might be a little strong to call it an indictment on his preseason performance, it's certainly not a positive development for him.

Bills-Seahawks inactives

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:43 AM ET

Bills Inactives: WR Steve Johnson, CB Reggie Corner, OL Matt Murphy, TE Derek Fine, DE Chris Ellis, DT John McCargo. Gibran Hamdan (3rd QB).

Seahawks Inactives: K Brandon Coutu, RB Justin Forsett, LB Leroy Hill, T Sean Locklear, WR Deion Branch, WR Bobby Engram, DE Baraka Atkins. Charlie Frye (3rd QB).

OT Winston deal and Peters

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:08 AM ET

OT WINSTON DEAL AND PETERS: Houston OT Eric Winston's new deal is worth $6M per season (5-$30M) with $6M to sign and a $2M roster bonus. Obviously Peters is in line to make more than that. He's likely to be in the $8-$9M per year range, but it wouldn't be surprising if the Bills broke up the guaranteed money like the Texans did with a signing bonus followed by a roster bonus in a subsequent year.

Burress extension impact on Evans

Posted By: Chris Brown | Time: 11:03 AM ET

BURRESS EXTENSION AND EVANS: The Plaxico Burress extension (signed this past week) likely will have some impact on Lee Evans' negotiations from the standpoint of average dollars per season over the length of Burress' deal, which is at about $7M. Burress is also guaranteed $11M this year, which is a huge number. But I would anticipate that a signing bonus or signing bonus/roster bonus combo would have to be in that neighborhood for Evans on a long term extension. We shall see.

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