John Clayton: Bills Playoff Drought Ends This Year

For Bills fans who crave national praise (which is all of us) then tonight's broadcast of the John Murphy show was as good as it gets.  John Clayton from ESPN is by far one of the most well respected reporters covering the NFL, and he proclaimed that this is the year that Buffalo goes back to the playoffs.  He said the schedule and upgraded defense play in their favor, and Ryan Fitzpatrick's good decision making will put the offense in good situations every week.  Being based out of Seattle, he had a good look at Tarvaris Jackson, and said the new Bills backup quarterback is a hard worker, a well-respected pro for his toughness and is a good fit in Buffalo.

Tom Calderone, President of VH1 and a hard-core Bills fan, called in to the Broadcast as well.  Even though he isn't even from the area (graduate of  Buff. State), he has season tickets and gets to 6-7 games a year.  Calderone has been to stadiums all over the country and said there is not a more electric atmosphere than the one at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  He is leading the charge in New York City as well, because every time he sends a film crew here for one reason or another, they all come back and say, "We get it now."

The next in the bundle of praise came from inside the locker room.  Running back Tashard Choice loves to talk and, to no surprise, had a lot to say tonight.  Choice believes the offense is in for a good season because they are talented up front, at the skill positions and a real solid quarterback, so as long as they can tighten up all of the little things they'll be fine.  Choice also gushed about what an inspiration Fred Jackson is to the team, and his example and story sets the tone for the guys around him.

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